Turkish Modern Art at SOFA

Image 10 Turkish artists showcased their work at the 20th Sculpture Objects and Functional Art - SOFA Chicago Fair on October 31 - November 3, 2013.  Asli Kutluay, Aysegul Kirmizi, Camekan, Derya Ozparlak, Dilek Aydincioglu, Dincer Gungorur, Meral Deger, Nadia Arditti, Pembe Hilal Tuzuner and Semra Ozumerzifon traveled to Chicago to join the opening night of the show and to represent Turkish    contemporary art as part of the ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery's exhibition at SOFA Chicago.

This year, ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery became the lead partner of the Turkish art display at SOFA,  after providing pro-bono curatorial services to the TCF showcase at SOFA Chicago in 2012. TCF has participated in SOFA since 2007 and has helped promote 42 Turkish artists at the show thus far.

The Turkish art display received favorable reviews from visitors, which include thousands of artists, designers, curators, collectors and art lovers from across the world.

The artists’ works will now move to the Hilton Asmus Contemporary gallery in Chicago to  be exhibited as part of a show titled “Istanbul Breeze,” which will open on November 22.
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