Sorghum - The New Healthy Grain

Image By Deniz Turkbas - Throughout our culinary experiences, we have all come to learn about different grains.  There are bulgur, quinoa, oats, rice and barley, to name a few.  Growing up in a Turkish household, we became more accustomed to rice and bulgur.  Growing in my household, we were always finding new ways to cooak healthy and delicious foods.  Therefore, using whole grains and cooking healthy were always priority in our kitchen.
That is the reason why I am so excited to introduce sorghum.  Although sorghum has been around for many years, the majority of people still do not know of its many health benefits and versastility.  Sorghum is a nutrient-rich, plant-based protein source that is naturally gluten-free and high in antioxidants.  Sorghum is also a good source of dietary fiber, which promotes digestive health. 

According to, sorghum is packed full of healthy nutrients in every grain:
Protein provides the building blocks for bone, muscle, skin and enzyme development
Iron strengthens the immune system and oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood
Vitamin B6 is integral in synthesizing antibodies and enhancing nerve function
Niacin provides improved blood circulation
Magnesium aids in calcium absorption and body temperature regulation
Phosphorus helps form healthy bones
Antioxidants help maintain cell integrity
The versatility of sorghum lends itself to be a great asset in the kitchen.  It can be prepared as a salad, as a warm dish or as an addition to soup.  It can be eaten as a main course or side dish to add some diversity to a meal.  Sorghum also stays in the refrigerator for about a week.  It is great and very convenient for people on the go, like myself, who just need to grab something and go.  Sorghum dishes can be prepared in advance and packed up to take to work, school or even a fun picnic.  And the best part is that it does not get soggy!

My favorite brand to cook with is Wondergrain.  Wondergrain is the only premium variety of sorghum grown in the USA with the sofest bite and fastest cooking time.  Wondergrain offers a Whole Grain Wondergrain Sorghum and a Pearled Wondergrain Sorghum.  The pearled is the whole grain that has been partially de-hulled for a softer bite than the whole grain while still keeping some fiber, protein and iron.  My absolute favorites are the Wondergrain Mushroom Risotto dish and the Wondergrain Tabbouleh.  Those recipes, and many more, can be found on their website at  Another wonderful aspect of Wondergrain is that because it has a neutral flavor, it will take on the flavors of any ingredient it is cooked with.  Therefore, it can be mixed with many different ingredients, allowing for the creations of many different delicious dishes!

Sorghum is definitely the new up and coming best new grain because of its versatility and because it is so filling.  Since it is packed with protein and nutrients, a serving will keep you full longer which can help keep those calories down and those extra pounds off!  So go grab yourself some sorghum and start tasting the fun, delicious and healthy new creations you can make in your kitchen today!
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07