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TURKOFAMERICA is founded by two young Turkish enterprenuers in August 2002. The magazine is the first Turkish American nationwide business magazine and its mission is to report news about the Turkish-American community in the U.S.

The magazine's content includes primarily the lives of Turkish people in the U.S. and their social, cultural and economic activities as well as the activities of Americans who are related in any way with Turkey or the Turkish community.

TURKOFAMERICA serves as a bridge that brings together the Turkish people living in the U.S. and Americans interested in Turkey.

New York based TURKOFAMERICA is committed to constantly expanding its distribution network in the U.S. At present, the magazine reaches its readers in almost 50 states by subscription.

TURKOFAMERICA is a quarterly magazine. It is published four times in a year. 

In the United States, the magazine is distributed through two different channels:
1- People can get subscriptions through www.turkofamerica.com web site and receive the magazine. 
2. TURKOFAMERICA is mailed to individuals, institutions, and other entities that serve the Turkish community or has extensive communication with Turkish community in their respective region. U.S. based Turkish associations, consulates and businesses are included in this segment. The magazine is also sent to American companies doing business with Turkey, to members of the U.S. Senate (100 senators) and to the members of the American Turkish Council. The magazine, which is published in English and Turkish, is also distributed to airline passengers at the Delta Airlines business class between Istanbul-New York flights.

TURKOFAMERICA is distributed to a broad audience in Turkey that includes holdings, banks, advertising and PR companies, and the press. The magazine is also sent to senior officials including the Turkish President, the Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Chief of Staff.

A one-year advertiser may also ask Turk of America to mail the magazine to 100 addresses of his or her choice, free of charge.

AD SIZE                          WIDTH                          HEIGHT
Full Page:(Non-bleed) 8.66''
(22.00cm)     11.8'' (30.00cm)
Full Page:(Bleed)       
9.05'' (23.00cm)    12.2'' (31.00cm)
1/2 Page:(Non-bleed)
8.66'' (22.00cm)      5.9'' (15.00cm)
1/2 Page:(Bleed)       
9.05'' (23.00cm)      6.1'' (15.50cm)
1/4 Page:(Non-bleed)  
2.1''  (5.50cm)       2.9'' (7.50cm)
1/4 Page:(Bleed)         
2.2''  (5.75cm)          3'' (7.75cm)

Jan 21, 2018
April 21, 2017
August 21, 2018
November 21, 2018

That the Advertiser must submit all the artwork and text to be printed at least 5 (five) days in advance of the planned publication date.



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