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Coca-Cola's Former CEO Was One of the First to Notice Chobani -- Here's the Backstory

Chobani Founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya revealed on Tuesday that one of the first people to congratulate him on his success was Coca-Cola (KO) Chairman Muhtar Kent, and their relationship has sustained since. "He was the first person to call me when I was living in upstate New York making yogurt," Ulukaya said at a conference hosted at the Nasdaq by the Turkish Philanthropy Funds. Chobani was formed in 2005 after Ulukaya, now worth $1.64 billion, bought the company's first manufacturing plant in New Berlin, New York.

US Ambassador to UN Hails Turkish School for Syria Refugees

The U.S ambassador to the United Nations is in Turkey at the ribbon-cutting for a new U.S.-funded school, and Nikki Haley says the American people are thankful the U.S. ally is taking in so many Syrian refugees. The school in the southern Turkish city of Adana is serving children who've fled the Syrian civil war.

Antalya and Miami Becomes Sister Cities

Antalya and Miami, the two uniquely similar cities of Turkey and the US, became sister cities yesterday and have laid down the groundwork for future partnership and collaboration by signing an agreement.

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