Yasin Yagci

Yasin Yagci

Hirsi Ali Moves to U.S.

Yasin Yagcı
Holland, until recently, was known as ‘the most tolerant country’ in the world; however, due to the political and social upheavals that have taken place in the last few years, the country is about to lose this title.

When You Cannot Sweep the Dirt Under the Carpet Anymore

Yasin Yağcı - Netherland
The recent revolt of foreign youth in Paris, which is considered the capital of European civilization, has now been suppressed, even though it first spread to some of the other European Union countries and especially to Belgium.

Europe Moving Towards A Police State

Yasin Yağcı – Holland
Fear must be one of the hardest emotions for a human being to deal with. It constricts you, and steals your courage away. What could be the psychology of a person who has no courage or self confidence?

Europe, in the Claws of Unemployment

Yasin Yagcı - Holland
The European Union, which has not had the influence desired in the international arena, especially when compared to the number of its member states and its potential, is trying to find a way out from its current economic crisis.
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