The Third Siege of Vienna

Vienna- Turkish entrepreneurs in Vienna, the capital of Austria, focus mainly on the wholesale foods and gastronomy industries, just as their cousins in Germany do. Do & Co Restaurants and Catering, Etsan, Orient, and Hürpaş are some of the leading Austrian Turkish companies.
The Do & Co Group, owned by Atilla Doğudan, serves many airlines in catering, runs the Do&Co Hotel in the most prestigious district of the city and is now the proprietor of the 100-year-old distinguished Demel patisserie chain.

Hüseyin Ünal entered the wholesale and retail food sector in 1985; his company Etsan has a chain of outlets and is one of the leaders in wholesale foods. Etsan later launched an energy drink under the Wild Dragon brand name, which ensured its reputation in the market.

Haydar Güner’s Onur Group companies are the largest fruit and vegetable importers of Austria, and they are in the top three in Europe.

Orient GmbH’s proprietor Ayhan Bakan was the first businessman to import Sri Lankan tea into Europe in 1986. Orient is one of the leading tea importers of Europe.

Founded in 1991 by Edip Bayızıtlıoğlu, Wedco High Quality Tooling leads the Austrian market with its cutting tools designed for a variety of industrial applications, from automotive to electronics.

Close to 15 other Turkish companies based in Vienna sell furniture to the ethnic market. Two of the largest companies in the Turkish market are Evim Mobilya and Hane Mobilya. Evim Mobilya’s proprietor, businessman Ceyhan Pusmaz, has most recently undertaken the European distribution of Turkish fans’ goods during Europe 2008, an expo jointly organized by Austria and Switzerland.

Üçler Backereibetriebs GmbH meets some 10 to 15% of Vienna’s daily bread requirements. Owned by the businessman Mehmet Ali Çanyaya, the bakery employs 53 workers.
Two Turkish banks serve the some 220,000 Turks who live in Austria: Vakıfbank International AG and Denizbank AG, sold to the French-Belgian banking partnership Dexia in 2006. Denizbank, which began Austrian operations in 1996, has nine branches, while Vakıfbank, in Austria since 1999, also serves as headquarters for all Vakıfbank branches throughout Europe.

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