Polat Gold is Determined to Become a Brand

Polat Gold  is established as a  manufacturing company in1964. Polat Gold, which continues its production in its 32300 square  feet factory premises with all its employees who has adopted the principle of superior quality and customer satisfaction, exports all of its produce.
Polat Gold, which is among the leading Turkish companies with its expert staff  in Ultra Light Press (Stampato) production, has expanded its range of products and keeps up its ambitious attitude in stone press and stone casting fantasy sets.
Polat Gold, which also practically functions as a school in training new staff for the business, has nearly trained 2000 artisans and immensely contributed the gold business.

Yusuf Haspolat, chairman of Polat Gold’s board of directors,  states that their goal is to become an international brand. Polat Gold which has moved its production lines to its own factory premises in Acibadem, Kadikoy, is also the first company to own a jewelry facility on the Anatolian part of Turkey.

 Even though it was established in 1964, Polat Gold has 74 years of profound history and its yearly export is 15 million dollars.  Yusuf Haspolat says their aim this year is to increase exports to 20 million dollars.
The main target of the company, which provides employment opportunities for a lot of people, is to become a brand.  

Yusuf Haspolat states that they have accelerated the current trend of growth  and adds, “ Our export is constantly on the rise. We are enlarging our production lines in order to meet future export potential. Nowadays, being a brand in export is more important than ever. Our goal is to become an international brand. Polat Gold is well-known in the U.S. wholesale market as well as the Turkish and European Union markets.  It is a company that produces the lightest material in its own group of products. Currently, we are the leading company when it comes to lightness and quality. Our goal is to become a brand which is well-known to consumers.”

Yusuf Haspolat states that their moving to Acibadem has various reasons and he adds, “As an employer we had to consider particularly, the living conditions of our employees. There are two reasons for our choice of Anatolian coast. First of all, we wanted to move to an earthquakeproof structure. And secondly, most of the people working in the jewelry business are living on the Asian coast. We want to start a big formation on the Anatolian coast in jewelry business.”

Jewelry Special Issue, October 2006
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