Key Facts About Turkish Tourism

• Great geographical advantage - one quarter of the world’s population can be reached within four hours of flight time.
• Tourism is the fastest developing sector in Turkey.
• Average annual growth in the last decade is 8.2% in tourist arrivals and 11.5% in tourism receipts.  
• Tourism attracts 2 billon US$ in investment every year.
• In 2006 the share of tourism receipts in GNP was 4.2%.
• 5.5% of the total employment in Turkey is in the tourism sector.                                                    
• The World Tourism Organization ranks Turkey as the 9th largest tourism revenue earner in the world (2006).
• The average growth of Turkish tourism between 1996-2006 was much higer than the world average.

Turkish Tourism Investors Association has determined the priorities and expectations of Turkish tourism for the year 2013, when the current ongoing negotiations with the European Union will be finalized.      
• Tourism share will increase from 2.5% to 3.5% of world tourism.
• 40 million arrivals, 40 billion dollars in receipts.
• The number of employees will increase from 1.2 million to 2 million.

• The number of beds at international standard should increase from 600 thousand to 1 million.
• The number of aircraft (Turkish civil aviation) will increase from 250 to 400.
• Marina mooring capacity at international standard will increase from 8 thousand to 20 thousand spots.
• The number of golf courses will increase from 18 to 40. An investment of 15 billion US$ is foreseen to be needed to realize these improvements.

• Cesme (Aegean Coast near Izmir)
• Didim (Aegean Coast near Kuşadası)
• Dalaman (South Aegean Coast)
• Antalya (Mediterranean Coast, two different locations)

Call for proposals will be announced in 2008. The projects of Tourism Cities will be introduced and promoted in Europe, USA and Gulf countries.

• Unique geographical location
• Large and dynamic sector with high growth potential
• New, modern and quality-oriented tourism establishments
• High skilled, cost-effective labour force
• Low construction costs
• Well developed infrastructure in tourism destinations
• Highly liberalized exchange rate regime and foreign investment regulation
-No prepermits needed for foreign company establishment
-No minimum capital requirement
-Any form of company is acceptable
-Company establishment in 1-2 days
-Foreign and domestic investors are treated equally.
-Free transfer of corporate profits

• Exemptions on taxes, customs duties etc. on imported items.
• VAT exemption on local machinery and equipment.
• Local taxes and some other fee exemptions from local authorities such as municipalities, counties, etc.
• Land allocation on a 49 year lease basis (75 years in tourism cities)
• Electricity and water consumption at the lowest available price (during investment and operation periods)
• Taxes (Corporate tax rate 20% / VAT on tourism 8% / İncome tax rates 15-35%)

Established in 1988 by the principal tourism investors in Turkey, Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) is a private non-governmental initiative. From accommodation to yachting, tourism oriented transporting to tour operating, from shopping and entertainment centers to golf courses, TYD members represent 250 thousand beds in the accommodation sector, 25 thousand seats in air transporting, eight thousand spots in marina capacity. TYD also provides direct employment to 400,000 people. The total investment portfolio is around US$ 23 billion, representing 2/3 of the private investments in tourism in Turkey. In the international field, TYD is a  board member of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) Affiliate Members Board and UNWTO Business Council Board.

Source: Turkish Tourism Investors Association.
February 2008, Tourism Special Issue, 28th
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