Turkish Nobel Laureate Aziz Sancar to Meet Gifted Children and Their Families

Image The All Gifted People Association (TÜZDER) brings gifted children, their parents and educators together as part of Genius and Gifted People Day with its motto: "Geniuses are included." The event will take place at Yıldız Technical University's Davut Paşa Campus Congress and Cultural Center on May 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nobel Prize laureate Professor Aziz Sancar will attend the event as the guest of honor.
Sancar is a Turkish-American scientist who won Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 for having mapped the fundamental processes at the molecular level and providing knowledge about the molecular causes of several hereditary diseases and about mechanisms behind both cancer development and aging. He will give a seminar to educators and parents about motivation for gifted children. Sancar will also participate in a series of activities with the gifted children. The children will perform a Sema and display their own inventions in robotics, technology, health and science.

As part of the Geniuses are included program, which was co-organized by TÜZDER, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Marmara University and Boğazhisar Education Institutions, international and Turkish academics will hold panel sessions on "Motivation in Gifted Children," "The Unpredictable Development of High Intelligence," "The Things that Are Forgotten About Gifted People" and "Education of Gifted People."

The importance of meeting the educational needs of gifted children, the quality of schools for gifted children and their importance place in the development of these children, the latest developments in the education of gifted children, the importance of workshops in the education of gifted children and the expectations from families and teachers of gifted children as well as from public and the National Education Ministry will be discussed. Attendance is free of charge. (ZEYNEP ESRA KOCA, Daily Sabah)
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