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Dr. Ozan is Turning Dental Treatment into a Trademark

According to a December 2005 study by Business Communications, Inc. the U.S. dental health sector reached 6.7 billion dollars at the end of 2005. The dental health sector is expected to be a 9.4 billion dollar market in 2010 and it is growing by the minute.
In order to be a dentist in the U.S., where there are 150,000 active dentists, you need to have graduated from one of the 56 universities which are accredited by the American Dental Association and you need to pass a written and a practical proficiency test.
Dr. Utku Ozan.

Utku Ozan, who graduated from Gazi University Dentistry, is giving seminars on root canal treatment to doctors completing these procedures.

Dr. Ozan, having carried his father’s profession one step further, says “Treating patients in a doctor’s office was not my thing. I wanted to pursue the science of this profession."   

Dr. Ozan, who imports and distributes medical products, is based in Boston and organizes seminars to transmit them developments in dental health. He complains about not being able to make himself heard while conducting research in Turkey. Ozan says, "I had various projects but I never had the means to realize them." What made the young doctor come to the U.S. was the prospect of military service.

Fulfilling his military service as an officer for 16 months worried him because that would cause a regression in his career. First he enrolled in a school in the U.S., and changed his tourist visa to a student visa. He benefited from the company at which he was working as a consultant and started to do research in his field.

He started working at Medidenta International. which has been in the sector since 1944. “They asked, ‘You have worked a doctor and consultant, do you want to work for us at the salary we offer?’ I had their word on promotion and salary increase and started to work there.”

His confidence carried him to a responsible director position where started as one of the people in charge of sales. After that he undertook directorship of product development. After 13 months he was promoted to general manager of the company group. At the moment Ozan is a member of the board of directors of the company as well as a partner.

He is passing on his knowledge about Twist2lt, Inc mouth hygiene products, Graphic Media software, design and advertising and the use of the techniques of the Dental Forums products to dentists through seminars all around the world. In order for dentists to be able to open their own offices they need to have attended these forums for a while.

Doctor Ozan, the founder of this group, continues his studies with 12 specialists. Dental Forums, which educates eight thousand people worldwide in 21 different countries, announced innovations in root canal treatment with the DVD it has released recently. Dr. Ozan hopes to reach many classes through those DVDs, which are planned to be given as gifts to dentistry schools in the U.S.
Dr. Ozan explains his works to dentists.


Ozan claims that they have conducted a revolutionary study in the U.S. on mouth hygiene and states that he is one of the six root canal treatment doctors who are most consulted by the U.S. media.

Dr. Ozan also turned his name into a trademark by introducing into market a tooth filling medicine bearing his name. The medicine, approval for which has been given by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be sold on the market with the signature By Dr. Ozan on the label.

Dr. Ozan also plans to start a traveling dentist’s office, whose expenses would solely belong to him, and to visit villages in the world starting from Bosnia. The young doctor says, “I will take science to people through this project whose only aim will be to serve humanity.”        

(March 2006, 19th Issue)
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