Giant Little Man

He consumes 12 egg whites for breakfast and 12 ounces of chicken for lunch. He has six meals a day and drinks six liters of water. He tries to keep in shape by exercising three times a day. 
Onder Adsay is a bodybuilding instructor and he is using this diet in order to gain 38 pound before competing in the World Body Building Championship, which will be held in New York, in May.

Adsay ranked 11th in 2004 professional body building championship.

Adsay, who ranked 11th in last year’s professional body building championship, which was attended by 37 sportsman, claims that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the prize podium due to his low weight. His current goal is to be able to look like his huge competitors.

Adsay has been occupied by body building since he was18 years old and he has won nearly 10 different championships organized in the previous years in Turkey. He became the world champion in Barcelona and Lisbon. When he came to New York in 1993 he started to work in the bar of Turkish Kitchen. He worked as a bouncer in various clubs. Adsay skipped a few exercises while he worked in the restaurant but regardless of that he was awarded several prizes in local competitions. The sportsman, who is originally from Agri but grew up in Izmir, has also been to Turkey for competitions while he lived in the U.S. He ranked eighth at the world championship of 1998.

He attended a 2-year training course in order to become a bodybuilding instructor. Again while he worked in the restaurant, he built up a customer portfolio by arranging private body building classes. He quit working in the restaurant as soon as the number of his customers started to increase. Adsay, who works as a private instructor in Bally Sports Club, located in New York, and trains people privately, quit participating in amateur competitions after deciding to carry on with a professional career.

He decided to attend only international competitions.  He says, “The competitions in Turkey did not satisfy me anymore”. He states that regular daily exercise and getting used to the habit of not eating after 7 in the evening contribute immensely to bodybuilding. He says, “An hour of a smart training program is the key to good shape.”

Adsay claims that people who are occupied by body building sport in the U.S. are better nourished and he goes on a diet 6 months previous to a competition. Adsay strictly follows his diet program and advises body builders to be patient and ambitious.

He says, “You cannot lose all the fat you've gained in 5 years in a week.” Adsay has 25 customers in his training program and he places a lot of importance on the championship which will be arranged by the International Federation of Body Building & Fitness in New York and will be attended by 47 sportsmen competing for 35 thousand dollars. The sportsman is used to living on a constant diet and he is currently working to reach 250 pounds. 

He does not consume any sugar but does eat plenty of chicken, fish, vegetables, egg whites and oatmeal. Adsay says that he has customers who have lost 100 pounds. His future objective is to work in a complex which trains athletes from all sorts of sports.
(August 2005, 18th issue)
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