Syracuse Aims to be the Center of the Green Technology Industry

Located in the center of New York on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Syracuse is a scenic treasure amid rolling hills, tranquil lakes and picturesque forests. Beside its natural richness for visitors, the fifth largest city in the state focuses on attracting the green technology industry. The city of Syracuse is one of the few cities that participates in both the New York State Empire Zone program and the Federal Empowerment Zone program as well.  
From 2001 through 2006, investment in Syracuse exceeded $900 million, representing more than 100 economic development projects in all sectors of the city. The city was named 14th in a list of the top 25 medium-sized cities for doing business by Inc. online magazine. Matthew J. Driscoll, 49,  the 52nd mayor of the city of Syracuse, elected to a second four-year term, answered TURKOFAMERICA’s questions.

Can you please tell us why a foreign investor should make an investment in your city? Could you give us some information about the city’s business environment?
Syracuse is the center of a viable five county region. We work closely with Onondaga County and our private Economic Development partners to encourage investment in our region.  Foreign investment is always welcome. The city of Syracuse is one of the few cities that participates in both the New York State Empire Zone program and the Federal Empowerment Zone program.  These programs provide tax incentives to businesses and investors that create jobs in the city.
Can you give us some details about your city’s most important industries to invest in, especially for foreign investors?
Some of the critical industrial clusters in the city include financial services, medical, and education.  A focus of our local and regional marketing efforts is the attraction of green technology industry.  Core areas include Indoor Environmental Quality, Healthy Buildings/ Sustainable Design, water quality and water resources, and renewable industry.  

In your region, do you have any international companies and how long have they been in business?  Is there any problems finding a skilled workforce for these international businesses?
There are several major international industries in the Central New York Region. Examples are Bristol-Myers Squib, Welch-Allyn, Lockheed-Martin, Magna Power Train, Carrier Corporation, Sensis Corporation, and Anheuser-Busch.  There is a highly trained workforce in Central New York with our outstanding education institutions. Currently, there is a shortage of engineers.

Turkish companies are very strong in the textile, food, natural stone and construction industries. How do you suggest these companies expand their businesses in your city?
Central New York is a strong agricultural region. The food industry would be very viable here.

In addition to the business aspect of your city, could you provide us with information on tourist attractions in your city?
The city of Syracuse is within 2 hours of some of the finest tourist destinations in the Northeastern United states:  The Finger Lakes, the Thousand Islands, and the Adirondack Mountains.  Within the city itself, there is the Carrier Dome, the Rosalind Gifford Zoo, and the Carousal Mall.  Downtown Syracuse contains many attractions including Armory Square, The MOST, the Everson Museum, and a first rate Civic and Convention Center.
Matthew J. Driscoll, 49, the 52nd mayor of the city of Syracuse.

Each year approximately 12,000 Turkish students come to the U.S. for educational purposes and contribute $1 billion to the economy each year.  For your region could you provide us with information about colleges, universities and their importance?
Central New York is the location of some of the finest universities and colleges in the country, including Syracuse University and Cornell. There are several branches of the New York State University System (SUNY) in this region, including the Upstate Medical Center, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Cortland, and the School of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). Finally, there are excellent smaller private colleges such as LeMoyne and Clarkston.

Can you please give us the contact information for Turkish investors looking to invest in your region?
Investors could contact the City’s Department of Economic Development: David Michel; 315-448-8104.  They could also contact our Regional Economic Development partners including the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce: Darlene Kerr; 315-470-1800; the Metropolitan Development Corporation: Robert Simpson; 315-422-8284; and the Onondaga County Office of Economic Development:  Mary Beth Primo; 315-435-3770.

County: Onondaga
Incorporated (City): 1847
Area: 25.6 sq mi (66.4 km2)
Population (2006):  City 140,658, Metro 732,117
Airport: Syracuse Hancock International Airport

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