Kobe to Turkey: Team Is Wishing and Pitching

Image Besiktas, the Turkish basketball team that hooked New Jersey's Deron Williams, is fishing in deeper waters now.
Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the team wants Kobe Bryant to come over during the NBA lockout. While landing the Lakers star is a huge longshot, Wojnarowski says the team has "a puncher's chance."

Bryant grew up in Italy and likes life overseas. In addition, he has a huge endorsement deal with Turkish Airlines.
"If Kobe doesn't want to miss a whole season if there's a lockout, and likes to live in one of Europe's greatest cities, in Istanbul, and wants to play with Deron Williams, why not?" coach Ergin Ataman said.
The Turkish team has not been shy about going after U.S. superstars. Although it didn't work out, they signed Allen Iverson last season.

Bryant still has three years and $83 million left on his contract in LA.

"We cannot give him the same money as he gets from the NBA, but if the money isn't everything in this…" Ataman said.
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07