Coke Chairman & CEO Muhtar Kent?s Total Comp Hit $30.5M in 2012

Image The Coca-Cola Co. Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent got a nearly 5 percent boost to his total compensation in 2012, the same year the beverage giant’s profit rose 5 percent. According to Coca-Cola’s proxy filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Kent’s total comp hit $30.5 million, including a $1.55 million salary (up 15 percent), $6.2 million in stock awards (up 11 percent), $6.9 million in option awards (down 7 percent), $6 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation (flat) and $8.9 million in change in pension value/non-qualified deferred compensation earnings (up 11 percent).

The proxy also shows Kent got $963,816 in other compensation, which includes $292,676 for use of aircraft, $196,755 for a car and driver, $144,183 for personal security, a $48,350 tax reimbursement, $264,250 in company contributions to his 401K/savings plan and $1,682 in life insurance premiums.

Also in the filing:

    Chief Financial Officer Gary Fayard’s total comp for 2012 decreased 4 percent to $8.2 million.
    Coca-Cola International President Ahmet C. Bozer’s total comp was down 6 percent to $7.3 million.
    Coca-Cola Americas President Steven Cahillane’s total comp dropped 12 percent to $6.1 million.

Last year, Coca-Cola’s (NYSE: KO) profit rose 5 percent to $9 billion.
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