NYC Vice President Markowitz Visits Turkey

ImageAli Cinar- Former Borough President and NYC Vice President of Borough Promotion Marty Markowitz went to Turkey for World Tourism Forum to discuss necessary means to enhance international tourism. Marty Markowitz, the head of New York City's Tourism Office has traveled to Turkey to attend the World Tourism Forum, which has gathered world opinion leaders in Istanbul to determine new trends and coordinate meetings with industry agencies.
For the last couple of years travel trends have had new variations like congress, religion, culture, health tourism etc. which have effected travelers? decision-making process. The purpose of the Forum was;vSharing the World Tourism Forum?s vision with regional experts, Contribute to national economic growth through raising Turkish tourism potential,Transfer new generational models of consumer behavior to forum participants,Sharing new technological trends in the tourism sector and Share international marketing vision with local companies.

Beside Marty Markowitz, Former Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfelt, VP of Trip Advisor Martin Verdon Roe, VP of Expedia Ait Voncke were the speakers of the Forum

Scores of representatives from around the world were in attendance at the platform on which the future of the tourism industry was discussed and which aimed to offer a platform for the exchange of information to increase tourism for every participant country. Marty Markowitz said at the conference: "I would like to see more Turkish people traveling to New York. Part of the purpose of my visit is to convey that they would feel at home in New York as much as I feel at home in Istanbul," Markowitz added " New York has a greater diversity I believe. It is the melting pot of the world," he said, adding that the energy of the ethnic and religious diversity has a positive impact on the tourism potential of the city, which is already the number-one destination in the U.S. for international tourism."
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