Doctor of Doctors in Dallas: Fatma G

There are events, which made Dallas well known in Turkey as well as in the entire world. The city, where the only catholic U.S. president, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated and is home to oil billionaires is identified in our country with the well-known TV series Dallas, depicting the adventures of J.R. and Bobby Ewing.
One of the doctors of the renowned city of the second largest state in U.S. is Fatma Gül. Gül, a physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist, is a graduate of Çapa Medical School of Istanbul University. She is also the director of the rehabilitation service at Medical City Dallas Hospital, which with a 700-bed capacity is one of the three biggest private hospitals in Dallas.
Dr. Fatma Gul.

In order to select the best doctors in the city, D Magazine, published monthly in Dallas, sends a questionnaire to six thousand renowned doctors in Dallas. Gül has been selected, again, as the best doctor in the field of physiotherapy in the survey taken last September. Pictures of Gül and of other doctors who were chosen as best in thirty-four other fields beautified the pages of the Dallas-based magazine.

D Magazine also asks the doctors employed in Dallas the question “which doctor would you choose, if you were sick?” Gül, was able to assume the title “the doctor chosen by the doctors” several times. D Magazine, selecting not only the best but also the worst, has been published since 1974 and was designated as the ‘best city magazine’ three times in the last five years.   

Besides working at her practice, Gül is also lecturing at Dallas University, and is successfully continuing the physiotherapy of the Siamese twins, separated last month. Gül, who takes care of a hundred patients per week, states that they are accepting approximately two thousand new patients per year.

Gül, who is originally the daughter of a family from Bursa and graduated from Istanbul Kız Lisesi, explains that the reason behind her success is the love she gives to her career. Mother of two girls, Ceylan and Neslihan, Gul states that they left their daughters alone when choosing their own careers. Ceylan has finished her MBA and Neslihan is finishing her Ph.D. in psychology. Gül, who is considering the education and the work discipline behind the success of Turkish doctors, especially in U.S., states that although they have many patients at their hospital from all over the world, they don’t have any marketing activities targeting Turkey. But there are also patients who find Gül through their friend’s recommendations.

(February 2004, 11th Issue Cover)
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