Pelosi to Meet Representatives of Turkish American Community Ahead of Armenian Resolution

Image Ahead of discussions at the US Congress regarding another Armenian resolution,  Speaker of Democratic Party in the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, warmly approached the demand of Turkish American community to have a meeting to listen Turkish thesis regarding the incidents happened at the final days of Ottoman Empire.

Welcoming the representatives of Turkish American community during the opening ceremony of US Conference of Mayors, Pelosi promised Turkish group to make time for a meeting with Turkish representatives.

Nancy Pelosy (D – CA) was one of the leading figures in the U.S. House of Representatives working towards passing the bill recognizing so called Armenian genocide, which causes strain in Turkish American relations each time it is introduced by pro-Armenian politicians. One of the prominent figures in the domestic policy of U.S., Nancy Pelosi supports the meetings of Armenian diaspora and is towards using the term “genocide” for the incidents of 1915. Insisting on the Armenian bill which was opposed by US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi used to delay or reject Turkish community’s demands towards meeting.

Promise in Baltimore
Pelosi, encountered representatives of Turkish American community at the US Mayors Conference in Baltimore. First accepting the invitation of İstanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş to İstanbul, Nancy Pelosi had a talk with Rıdvan Sezer, Board Member of Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI).

Also the founder of TurkishNY news portal, Rıdvan Sezer told Nancy Pelosi that representatives of Turkish American community would like to meet her at the US Congress. Giving a green light to the demand of Turkish community, Pelosi noted Sezer’s contact info and promised to make time for a meeting.

Reminding Pelosi that H.Res.304, a bill recognizing Armenian allegations regarding 1915 incidents in Ottoman Empire, is introduced in the US Congress and it may cause strain in the relations between Turkey and the US, Rıdvan Sezer asked Pelosi to listen Turkish American community before the process regarding the bill begins.

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