Former U.S. Ambassador Matthew Bryza Retired From Diplomatic Service, Settled In Turkey

Image BAKU. February 28, 2012: Former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza retired from government service at U.S. Department of State and moved with his family to Turkey. Currently, he works at a Turkish bank in Istanbul, an informed source told Turan. In his interview with the Turkish media, Bryza reiterated that "he fell victim to the Armenian Diaspora,” which could not forgive him for marrying an American woman of Turkish origin, Zeyno Baran.

"After President Obama did not mention the events of 1915 as genocide, the Armenian Diaspora represented by the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America) decided to tackle me," Bryza said in an interview with the Turkish ‘Hurriyet’. "Now they will probably accuse me of my love for Turkey. Well, I love Turkey. Could I also love Armenia and Azerbaijan? Maybe, I should love all of them to have the Karabakh conflict resolved? Or should I not do this and think only about how to stay invisible to the Armenian rulers, so that they accepted me as impartial?" said Bryza.

Bryza served as ambassador to Baku, a little over a year and was forced to return to Washington D.C. in December after pro-Armenian senators blocked the approval of his candidacy in the Senate (Turan).
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