What NYC Administration Has Been Accomplished for 2016

Image By Ali Cinar- New York - When you walk on the Streets, You might not be surprised to see the Mayor Blasio. He is everywhere.He attends almost all parades, events,panels,outreach visits and many more. His Administration recently announced "What has been done in 2016" report. Here are some highlights that TURKOFAMERICA selected for our readers:

Equity and excellence in all schools, preparing our students for the 21st century economy.
- About 70,000 kids enrolled in Pre-K, more than triple the 20,000 children who attended before the Pre-K for All expansion.
- 100 schools selected to receive over $3.5 million in new direct funding to build school-wide college and career readiness culture.
- Lowest-ever high school dropout rate, and the highest-ever rate of students enrolling in college.
Thanks to NYPD Forces who made the City Safer. This year
- January was the safest January on record – followed by the safest summer, safest September and safest October.
- Expanded neighborhood policing, launched force-wide trainings on implicit bias
- Stop-and-Frisk has declined by 97% from an all-time high in 2011.
- Arrests are down, murders and shootings at historic lows, record low numbers of robberies, burglaries, and auto thefts.
- Vision Zero efforts made 2015 the safest year on New York City streets since 1910, and 2016 is on course to be even safer.
- Opened a state-of-the-art, fully redundant 911 call center to protect the city’s essential emergency response system in the event of disaster.
- Distributed more than 7,000 kits of naloxone, a lifesaving medicine that reverses opioid overdose.
- Easing financial burden, tackling the affordability crisis, and creating opportunity.
- Fought for New Yorkers struggling to make the rent or find affordable housing.
- Two consecutive rent freezes (2015 and 2016), keeping rent stable for 2.5 million tenants.
- 150,000 people benefited from the expanded use of emergency rent assistance.
- Evictions down by 24 percent, meaning 21,000 people are still in their homes.

Fought for New York City’s homeowners.
- Proposed a $183 water credit on the water bills of over 664,000 homeowners, in keeping with the City's past efforts to ensure bills stay as low as possible.
- Saved 35,000 homeowners tens of millions of dollars in flood insurance premiums by working with FEMA.

New Jobs were created, More Hiring and Salary Increase.
- Created 60,000 new jobs in 2016 so far, and nearly 277,000 jobs since the Mayor took office.
- Unveiled a $500 million initiative, LifeSci NYC, to spur 16,000 new, good-paying jobs and establish New York City as a global leader in life sciences research and innovation.
- Prohibited City agencies from inquiring about salary history as part of the hiring process.
- Signed a personnel order to provide paid parental leave to approximately 20,000 New York City employees – putting the City at the forefront of city and state policies around the country.

Fought for New Yorkers who need to get to work on time.
- Eligible workers can now use pre-tax income to pay for their commuting costs, saving commuters $800 to $1,000 dollars a year.
- Added 18 miles of new protected bike lanes.
- Expansion of CitiBike to more New Yorkers, adding thousands of new bikes and hundreds of stations in 2016 across Red Hook, Brownstone Brooklyn, and Harlem.

Committed to holistic investments in NYCHA communities, home for 400,000 New Yorkers.
- Across-the-board improvements for safer, cleaner, and more connected communities throughout New York City.
- Comprehensive roof repairs.
- Security enhancements, including lights, cameras, and new doors.
- Technology investments such as broadband and Wi-Fi.

Fought for the city’s most vulnerable.
- HOME-STAT fully operational: outreach workers are identifying, engaging, and transitioning homeless New Yorkers to services and, ultimately, permanent housing.
- Nearly 48,000 New Yorkers moved into permanent housing and avoided or exited shelters through permanent housing programs.
- About 12,000 more households have been able to receive services from the HomeBase homelessness prevention program in each of the past two years.
Launched NYC Well, a 24/7 phone, text, or chat connection to mental health and substance misuse services.
- Convened 1,000 houses of worship to talk about mental illness and addiction, reaching 250,000 New Yorkers.
- Created a system to screen and treat 80 percent of pregnant women and new moms, with a goal of screening and treating ALL pregnant women and new moms for maternal depression.
- Launched the first, city-based movement for mental health – Cities Thrive. More than 80 cities have committed to mental health as a municipal policy and programming priority and to federal advocacy.                  
Progressive Governance.
- For three years running, added to the City’s financial reserves, preparing us for any potential shocks to the system.
- Defended New York values. We are #AlwaysNewYork.
- Stood up for the 65,000 hourly employees in the fast food industry who deserve fair notification on their work hours.
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