The Global Coalition Working to Defeat ISIS

Image By Ali Cinar- Washington,DC -  U.S. Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson has invited 68 Minister of Foreign Affairs & Senior Leaders for a Special Meeting that was held in Washington, DC on March 22nd. The objective of the  Meeting was to accelerate  global efforts to defeat ISIS in the remaining areas it holds in Iraq and Syria The meeting also highlighted specific ways the Coalition can effectively collaborate to defeat ISIS internationally.
In the opening  remarks during the plenary session of the Ministerial, Secretary Tillerson  stated that  “Together, we share a resolve to deal ISIS or Daesh a lasting defeat. Our coalition is united in stopping an ISIS resurgence and ​we’re ready to grow stronger and stay aggressive in this battle.”

Turkish Presence at the Meeting​
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has also attended the meeting since Turkey plays a critical role fighting against ISIS in the region.Turkey has started the Euphrates Shield in Syria in order to fight against ISIS since August 2016.

Recent months, ​U.S increased support for Turkish Military operations in Syria. iSIS has been losing ground in both Iraq and Syria with ​the major t​​hree separate forces, backed by ​U.S, Turkey and Russia, advancing on the group's Syrian stronghold city of Raqqa. There is a big discussion going on Raqqa operations since ​coalition​ members cant agree on the strategy of the operation

Minister Cavusoglu Remarks;
Minister Çavuşoğlu  stated that  U.S. and Turkey are "vitally important" for one another. When we work together effectively we bring about positive change . 68 Coalition Members should defeatISIS without any excuse.Turkey is ready to support more on this fight.

Cavusoglu also raised a question on US support to PYD-YPG" We cannot rely on another terrorist organization in our fight against Daesh .  The YPG-backed Syrian Democratic Forces has been Washington's principle partner in the anti-Daesh fight in northern Syria .We should know that YPG is a terorist organization linked to PKK"

Terrorist Organizations PKK​ and ​PYD ha​ve​ been accused by human rights groups of committing significant human rights violations in ​in Syria, including "ethnic cleansing" massacres against local Arabs and Turkmens.

Confusion on  Safe Zone

Secretary of State Tillerson  mentioned the  "interim zones of stability" in Iraq and Syria that is to allow refugees to return home safely once ISIS  fighters are no longer for a ​ threat. Turkey is also supporting the Safe Zone​ approach​ in a different way. Turkey and some allies  called for the zone  — using American air power to protect Syrian civilians.

At a Glance: The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS:
- Currently 65 member countries
- More than 9000 troops from 23 coalition members in Syria and Iraq
- Nearly 90,000 Iraqi Security Forces trained by the coalition - Ter​or Group has lost 30% of the area in Syria
- 22.2 billion dollars in economic support and other aid has been provided since 2014
- C​oalition air assets have conducted more than 19,000 strikes on ISIS targets
- More than 2600 ISIS energy targets were destroyed

Turkish Foreign Minister
Cavusoglu ​has also met​ ​U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster during his Washington visit.In addition, ​H​e was a keynote speaker at a Think Tank organization-Turkish Heritage Organization- at National Press Club​ on March 21st.​
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