62,000 Employment Opportunities from Dutch Turkish Entrepreneurs

Amsterdam - It was announced that 365,000 people of Turkish origin living in the Netherlands contribute 8.4 billion Euro to that country’s gross national expenditure.

According to research carried out by the Turkish Research Center (TAM) Foundation, "The Turkish Population in the Netherlands and the Countries of the European Union,  House Data and the Economical Power of the Entrepreneurs", which is concerned with Turkish entrepreneurship and the Turkish people who live in the Netherlands, the eighth largest country of the European Union, the contribution of the Turks in the Netherlands to the Annual Gross National Expenditure of the European Union is 1.7 times that of Malta.

The Turkish Embassy in the Hague was instrumental in the translation into Flemish of the research findings presented to the public by Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen, the Director of TAM Foundation, at the Dutch-Turkish Labor Council (NETUBA) in the Hague. The research was carried out by Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen and Yunus Ulusoy, the Department Chairman of TAM Foundation Applied Projects and Research on Economics.

Research results indicate that 365,000 residents of Turkish origin in the Netherlands contribute about 8.4 billion Euro to the Annual Gross National Expenditure of the country. The average number of house residents among the Turkish residents is 3.9 persons and the net income per residence is about 2150 Euro. While the average unemployment in Germany was 8.4% in 2006, it was only 3.9% in the Netherlands. The average number of people per residence who are employed is 1.3 persons in Turkish homes in Germany; whereas in the Netherlands this figure rises to 1.6%. The Turkish residents of the Netherlands, who save 17% of their income, are owners of 17,000 homes.

According to research findings, the total number of Turkish entrepreneurs active in the Netherlands has reached 13,500. Among the Turkish population working in the country, the ratio of entrepreneurs is 9% and these enable 62,000 people to find employment. The percentage of female entrepreneurs among the Turkish entrepreneurs, whose total annual revenue is 5.6 billion Euro, is 20.7%. 

While the average investment of Turkish business establishments in the Netherlands is 110,000, the sectoral distribution of these establishments is based on ethnic niches. 37% of the Turkish business establishments in the country are concentrated in the retail trade, 28.2% of which is in food industry, 20.4% in service areas, 7.9% in crafts, 4.3% in wholesale trade and 2.2% in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Data                                                                                                     Value
Number                                                                                                    13,500
Average investment per business establishment  (Euro)              110,000
Total investment (billion Euro)                                                             1.5
Average revenue per business establishment (Euro)                    418,000
Total annual revenue (billion Euro)                                                     5.6
Average number of employees per business establishment       4.6
Total number of employees                                                                  62,000
Source: The Turkish Research Center Foundation

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