One of the Top 100 Dentists: Dr. Utku Ozan

Dentistry Today, the leading magazine of dental health in the U.S., every year publishes the list of the top 100 dentists who educate dentists with seminars throughout the country. Dr. Utku Ozan, who first entered the list in 78th place in 2005, took 8th place in the 2008 list. The list of the top 100 dentists, which was published under the title “Top Clinicians in Continuing Education” in the December 2008 edition of the magazine, was selected from a field of nearly 5,000 dentists. Dr. Ozan is the only Turk in the list, which is created according to the forms filled out by the dentists that participate in these education seminars.   

Image Dentistry Today Magazine also publishes the list of top 100 dentistry products in their monthly editions. The last list included Ni-Ti Max, a product developed by Dr Ozan’s company, Maximum Dental, to be used in root canal treatment.

In addition to being a dentist, Dr. Ozan markets 12 products he developed for better dentistry through his company Maximum Dental. Dr. Ozan holds the patent of 4 of these products himself. One of these products, a medicine developed for dental fillings, is on the market under the “By Dr. Ozan” signature.  

Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey and having distributors in 17 different countries, Maximum Dental operates with a team of 17 people.

Accredited by American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Ozan has the authorization to give seminars to dentists who have to complete a certain number of continuing education credits each year. Dr. Ozan educated 2100 dentists in 86 seminars in 2008. Dr. Ozan visited 19 countries and his 2009 schedule includes seminars in 14 different countries.

Soon, Dr. Ozan is planning to move his education seminars, which includes hands-on training on the latest methods and developments, to interactive media. Dr. Ozan, with the technology he set up in his office in New Jersey, will make it possible for dentists to access his seminars from their offices; therefore avoiding the hassle of traveling.

Having established his own company in September 2007, Dr. Ozan has products in the market, which he developed after the difficulties he faced throughout his years as a dentist, particularly in root canal treatment. Dr. Ozan says, “There is tough competition for us out there from century-old established large companies, both in the U.S. and all over the world, but we trust our products. Our target is to reach the 4th biggest share in the market.” Dentsply International, Sybron Dental Specialist & Bressler are the leading dental products companies in the market.

Image Dr. Ozan continues the marketing of his products by having advertorials and advertisements published in 13 different magazines to increase the sales of his products online. He points out the fact that he never advertises his own products in his education seminars. He adds, “Mostly, rival companies sponsor these seminars. I inform the dentists about the alternative products they can use and then they make the decision.”

Utku Ozkan is a graduate of Gazi University School of Dentistry and his father was a doctor. He is married and has one child.

-    Canal Clenmax
-    Sonicmax
-    Endomax Smart
-    Rota
-    Apexmax IV
-    Curemax V
-    Xray Max
-    Guttamax
-    Cameramax
-    DG-16
-    K, H & C Hand Files
-    Irrigamax
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