US Lighting Science Group Enters Turkish Market

ImageLighting Science Group Corporation, an American manufacturer of LED-based lighting, has partnered with lighting distributor Orizzonte Group , a significant player inTurkey's infrastructural and construction lighting markets, as part of its effort to replicate the Company's U.S. domestic sales success overseas. Lighting Science Group chose the Orizzonte Group as an exclusive distributor because of their existing local sales and distribution capabilities, strong government and corporate connections, and working capital to grow the LED lighting market in Turkey.  
"We've seen significant growth in our North American sales operation and have embarked on a dedicated effort to replicate that success on a global-scale," said Rich Weinberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Lighting Science Group. "We believe that the Orizzonte Group is well positioned in Turkey to bring our ultra-efficient, high-performance, long-lasting and affordable LED products to market. This exclusive distributor partnership is what we anticipate will be the first in a series of international distribution deals designed to expand the Lighting Science Groups brand presence around the world."  

"We partnered with Lighting Science Group based on the performance, efficiency, quality, and integrity of the Company's product line," said Fatih Guner, chief executive officer of Orizzonte Group .  "Most importantly, we view Lighting Science Group as the leading innovator in this emerging field of technology and want to be first in Turkey to bring these high-performance products to the country's infrastructure, retail, hospitality, new construction, and custom lighting markets."

For years, high-output and low-cost LED lighting products have been just out of reach, but Lighting Science Group has revolutionized the science of light in America to produce lighting products that deliver on the promise of LED technology.  From the International Space Station to the Times Square Ball to other projects in major cities across the world and now in homes, the Company's LED solutions are increasing energy independence and saving consumers, businesses and governments significant amounts of money. Lighting Science Group LED solutions are offered through lighting distributors worldwide and directly by the company. Source: Lighting Science
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07