American Journal Experts Launches Turkish Translation Service

Image DURHAM, N.C., American Journal Experts (AJE) now offers Turkish translation to help researchers publish their work in English-language journals. AJE's specialized translation service matches each manuscript with a native-speaking translator who works in the author's field of study.

"The biggest challenge in scientific translation is preserving the author's meaning," said Dr. Laura Stemmle, AJE's Director of Operations. "Having translators who understand the research behind the paper prevents errors that could misrepresent results that scientists have spent months or years on in the lab."

After translation, each paper is edited by a specially trained group of editors recruited from the top 25 research universities in the United States. The editors are also matched to the paper by their area of study, which adds another layer of security for researchers who want to ensure their work is presented correctly. Papers are returned to the author in publication-ready English.

"Many of the most influential journals are only available in English. The language barrier that creates makes it difficult for international researchers to publish in high-impact journals," said Stemmle. "We have also found that some journals will automatically reject papers that are not presented in perfect English, even when the science is interesting."

AJE strongly believes in the future potential of research in Turkey, and by adding this service hopes to support the publication goals of the thriving Turkish research community. According to a report published by Thomson Reuters in 2008, Turkey's research impact has risen steadily over the past decade and Turkish researchers have published more than 10,000 papers per year since 2003. Agricultural science, clinical medicine and engineering are some of the fields where Turkish scientists have made the most significant contributions.

Turkish is the eighth language to be offered since AJE began translation services in 2009. The other languages offered by AJE are Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

About American Journal ExpertsAmerican Journal Experts (AJE) was founded in 2004 to help the international scientific research community overcome communication barriers to academic publication. AJE provides editing, translation, content review and other manuscript services designed to help researchers throughout the publication process. Services are performed by academic experts in a wide range of areas of study, and are tailored to the needs of the research community. The American Journal Experts team strongly believes that it can accelerate the pace of discovery by helping researchers publish their work more quickly, and by helping their ideas reach a wider audience.  

SOURCE American Journal Experts
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