Turkcell Is the Only Turkish Company Listed on NYSE

Image Ali Cinar- New York -
More than 2400 world’s best firms, entrepreneurs, innovators are listed at the New York Stock Exchange. John Tuttle who is the ‎Global Head of Listings at New York Stock Exchange gave a us press briefing organized by US State Department, NYSE markets trade an average daily volume of $123 billion, making the world’s largest and most liquid capital source. “We are a 225 years old  and we are also very much focused on the future. We are in massive renovation to show that modern exchange and continue to help companies to raise capital to expand their business. Many pre-IPO technology companies now qualify for an NYSE listing. Large IPO raises over 700 million dollars and Ali Baba’s is 24.5 billion dollars,“ Tuttle says at the briefing.

There are many reasons why many international companies are listed in the US market. Some of the facts are as follows: liquidity, diversified investors, trade in US Currency, Better regulatory environment and US Market Awareness. Also many international companies choose NYSE because of the more confidence, human judgement,more visibility, prestigious network and unparalleled service. Canada has 129 listings, Latin America 114 listings, Europe 155 listings, Africa 7 listings and Asia/Pacific 120 listings.

“We are an unique and maybe the last  stock exchange to have a trade floor. There is a human judgement  and accountability here .You want to have a pilot  with accountability  and judgement. Our market model is superior. We are in incredibly convenient place. We had over 100 head of governments coming to NYSE past 10 years.We are a home to the greatest companies on earth.We are the first exchange permitted by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission, has a representative office in China.We are also part of the intercontinental exchange founded 20 yrs ago.”” John Tuttle added.
Expectation from Trump Administration
Here is the view from the John Tuttle who has a positive expectation from Trump Administration: "After election results, Investors and market participants had realized was that the campaign rhetoric is over we have seen results.What we have been able to concluded is there is real meaningful chance that we may have a corporate tax reform and chance to have a  fresh look how do make America market place more competitive. A lot people people during  the Campaign focus negative parts of the messages from the both candidates. Once we got through the election, many people began focusing on positive messages. That’s how market business responded. There seems to be in meaningful shock at corporate tax reform and regulatory reform.

In addition," Markets go up and Markets down.Thats what healthy markets do.President speaks and people will listen and  of course markets will react.Words matter.I think its time to do a holistic review about the market structure in the USA." said Mr Tuttle.

Brexit is an opportunity or not?
"We operate energy exchange from London office. How the future business will be regulated. One of things investors or companies want picking the location or raise capital is some certainty of regulatory environment and tax regime over next 4 yrs . US has some uncertainty  and other part of the world have more certainty"  Tuttle added.

We also had an opportunity to talk with some Floor Brokers during their visit and had a photo group under the Bell.  $25.3 Trillion dollars in total market capitalization more than 3 times the next larges exchange. floor broker is someone who represents client orders at the point of sale on the NYSE floor The floor brokers on the NYSE continue to act in an agency-only capacity, offering unique insight and access to the Parity allocation

Only 1 Turkish Company on NYSE since 2010
Turkcell is the first company from Turkey to be listed on the NYSE. It has a current valuation of more than 10 billion USD and is among the 500 largest NYSE-listed companies, in terms of market capitalization.

Turkcell (NYSE:TKC)(BIST:TCELL) marked its 15th year as a publicly-traded company as it rang the Closing Bell® on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)  two years ago. Turkcell Officials made a statement during their visit to NYSE. “The NYSE listing has made it possible for Turkcell to access the world’s largest capital market. Our listing on the NYSE also helped initiate a new era for Turkish business community as we demonstrated that a Turkish company could provide attractive investment opportunities for international investors,” Today, the company offers its institutional investors the investment flexibility to choose between the NYSE and Borsa Istanbul.
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