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Crossroads of the Americas

Georgia is the crossroads of the Americas by air, land and sea. If you want to sell goods or services to the State of Georgia, you need to become a registered Vendor.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, and small businesses are key players in the economy of Georgia. They make up most of the employer firms in the state, and their contribution is indispensable. Over 95 percent of all Georgia businesses have fewer than 50 employees and most of Georgia's job growth is a product of their success.
As a service to the business community in Georgia, Georgia Allies and the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) offer a database of all available buildings in Georgia.
More than 250 long distance companies serve Georgia and more than 1,850 Points of Presence (POPs) are available at 350 locations statewide.

Since July 2004, the state has announced 480 projects totaling 40,697 jobs and accounting for $7.85 billion in new investment for Georgia communities. In Georgia, the only Turkish originated company Zorlu Group, a giant corporate group with nearly 50 companies in Turkey with exports to 110 countries, has a warehouse and distribution center with 15,000 m2 of enclosed space in Sandersville, GA.  
With direct market access to the Americas and a centralized location in the fastest growing region in the U.S. Georgia offers international business the fine location to grow.

Georgia is the crossroads of the Americas by air, land and sea. With the world's largest airport, two deep water ports, and the most extensive surface transportation network in the country, Georgia can provide access to over 80 percent of the U.S. industrial market within a two-day truck haul. With more than 2,200 internationally owned facilities representing 44 countries, Georgia gives the business access to the world.
There are currently 32 bi-national chambers of commerce actively involved in Georgia’s international business community. Beside those bi-national chambers, Turkish chambers of commerce haven’t yet established in Georgia.

If the companies want to sell goods or services to the State of Georgia, they need to become a registered Vendor. The Vendor Registration System is a free web-based system provided by DOAS' State Purchasing that enables vendors to register their company and identify product and service offerings. State and local governments can search the Vendor Registration System by commodity, service, geographic location, and small or minority business status to locate vendors. The system will automatically notify vendors by e-mail when related bids and procurement opportunities become available.
For additional information http://statepurchasing.doas.ga.gov/00/channel_title/0,2094,35226973_36298624,00.html (www.georgia.org)

- Number of Small Businesses: 813,100
- Small Firms Employed: 206,800 (2005)
- Women-Owned Businesses: 196,195 (2002)
- Women-Owned Firms Generated:  $30.0 billion in revenues in 2002.
- Asian-owned Firms: 26,916. Generated $8.0 billion in receipts
- Blackowned Firms: 90,461. Generated $5.7 billion in receipts
- Hispanic-owned Firms: 18,310. Created $4.2 billion in receipts.
- New Employer Businesses: 24,217 (2003)
- Business Bankruptcies: 1,585 (2003)
- Business Terminations: 25,898 (2003)
- Small-Business Income: $22.8 billion (2003)

Sources: SBA, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employment and Training Administration; U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census; U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Georgia State Official Site (www.georgia.gov
First-Stop Business Info (www.sos.state.ga.us)
Georgia Chamber of Commerce (www.gachamber.com)
Georgia Department of Industry, Trade, and Tourism (www.etax.dor.ga.gov)
Georgia Facts, Economic Development (georgiafacts.net)

Industrial Machinery, including Computers  20%
Electrical Machinery                                          14%
Vehicles, except Railway or Tramway           14%
Pharmaceutical Products                                  4%
Mineral Fuel, Oil, Etc.                                          5%
All Others                                                            43%

(January 2007, 23rd Issue)


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