New York State: Home of 2000 Foreign Entities

Located in the heart of the biggest concentration of population in North America, New York is within one day’s highway travel of more than 55 percent of the nation’s population and more than 60 percent of the population of Canada.  Many of the nation’s major cities, including Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Louisville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., Boston and Portland, Maine are within one day’s drive of New York locations.  In fact, New York’s location has made it a preferred location for distribution activities serving the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid South.

New York offers businesses and residents a superior infrastructure that enhances their quality of life and economic well being.  Its Northeast crossroads location and shared border with Canada make it an ideal location in which to base a business.  The State has over 500 airports and landing facilities; direct flights to over 150 cities worldwide; thousands of miles of rivers and 33 deep-river ports; ready access to the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway and the world's oceans; and 112,000 miles of roadways.

New York State is at the core of the expanding international marketplace and a leading magnet for foreign investment in the United States. The State is optimally positioned at the center of the world’s largest, richest, and most active consumer marketplace.

New York State represents overseas interests in almost every industry, including finance and banking, retail, business services, transportation, distribution, and manufacturing. New York’s strengths include a highly skilled workforce and an unparalleled transportation network. New York is recognized internationally for its great schools and dedication to research and development. More and more investors from around the world look to New York for their investment needs.

New York State is home to almost 2,000 foreign entities and its share of gross product ranks third in the nation behind California and Texas.

With over $62.1 billion of FDI in NYS, major investing countries include: UK ($14.1 B), Canada ($9.3 B), Japan ($8.1 B), Germany ($7.1 B), France ($ 5.7 B), the Netherlands ($4 B), and Switzerland ($ 3 B).

Almost 400,000 jobs come from foreign companies in New York State and the State is ranked #1 in location for Fortune 500 companies.
Today New York houses pockets of specialized technology throughout the State through the Centers of Excellence network, a $1 billion partnership of academia, business and government to stimulate research and the rapid commercialization of scientific breakthroughs.   
The established Centers are Bioinformatics in Buffalo, Environmental Systems in Syracuse, Photonics in Rochester, Nanoelectronics in Albany, and Wireless Internet and Information Technology in Long Island.   In the initial development stage are Centers focused on Biotechnology in Westchester and Medical Research and Biotechnology in New York City.
Underscoring New York’s new status as a high technology leader, the State was chosen as the future base for International SEMATECH North, a global consortium of 12 prominent computer chip manufacturers.  The group will locate its next generation computer chip research and development center at New York’s Center of Excellence in Nanoelectronics at Albany.  

“Empire State development played a tremendously important role in our ongoing efforts to build our first foreign Maitake Mushroom growing facility in Sullivan County, New York. We are excited that we could deliver a new, unique product to the United States. Our new site in Sullivan County should be perfect for our operation with great access to areas within the Northeastern U.S. and beyond. With beautiful, rich natural resources, a highly trained and educated workforce and solid financial support programs provided by the State and the County, I am confident this new plant will be a huge success.”  
Kazunori Kameyama, President & CEO

“In moving our operations to the Griffiss Business and Technology Park in Rome, Empire Aero Center (formerly Commodore Aviation, Inc.) made a strategic decision to set up a new facility that will provide a proper base to meet our long range business plan that requires room for growth and a reduction in operating costs. We are very eager to work with the local community. The existence of a professional and skilled work force in Rome was a major factor in our selection process."
Joseph Reinherz, President, Empire Aero Center

1.    Canada*
2.    Switzerland
3.    UK*
4.    Israel*
5.    Hong Kong*
6.    Belgium
7.    Germany*
8.    Japan*
9.    China*
10.    Mexico*
*ESDC has international offices in these countries

1-    United States     5.74
2-    Switzerland        5.61
3-    Denmark            5.58
4-    Sweden              5.53
5-    Singapore          5.53
6-    Finland               5.50
7-    Germany            5.46
8-    Netherlands      5.41
9-    Japan                 5.38
10-  Canada             5.37

**The Global Competitiveness Report is a yearly report published by the World Economic Forum.  

GDP 2009 (International Monetary Fund)
1- United States     14,571,382
2- Japan                     4,803,336
3- China                     4,772,362
4- Germany                3,773,305
5- France                    3,011,101
6- United Kingdom    2,734,161
7- Brazil                       1,587,725
8- Canada                  1,570,387
9- India                        1,350,265
10- Mexico                  1,192,224    
11- South Korea        1,019,445
17- Turkey                      789,072
23- Switzerland             480,010
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