Turkish American Taxi Business Began to Work in the U.S.!

ImageIn total, 26 thousand 500 units in New York City Taxi Ford Transit Connect taxi tender Gölcüklü finals for the first time the New England region of the United States began the task. Ford Otosan, according to the company, the New England Auto Show Boston Cab Dispatch delivered tools to do the task begins, the state of Connecticut, the two companies can work with 40 pieces of natural gas has ordered 2011 model Ford Transit Connect taxi.
Entering the North American market in 2010 and within a short time in the United States by the Boston Police Department Certificate of Conformity of the Ford Transit Connect taxi cab, was delivered to customers in the U.S. market first. New England Auto Show Dispatch’e delivered at a ceremony held in Boston Cab 2011 model Ford Transit Connect Gölcüklü taxis, the first Turkish taxi in North America are now starting to do the task.
Boston Cab Dispatch, the Ford Transit Connect taxi drivers and passengers are preferred for the interior as well as its wide range of low operating costs to offer low fuel consumption, as announced. Boston Cab Dispatch purchased by the Ford Transit Connect taxi models previously used 2-liter V8 engine cylinder volume of engines with lower fuel consumption by 30 percent offer by taxis.

Size, design and enhancement service that offers the driver and passengers in a Ford Transit Connect comfortable taxis, private payment and passenger information system for the Boston Cab Dispatch, as well as 8.4-inch screen donatıldılar information.

New England New England Auto Show as well as two other companies announced that Ford Transit Connect Taxi preferred. Centers in the State of Connecticut of West Haven and The Yellow Cab Metro Taxi Company of Bloomfield, as 20 units can operate with natural gas has ordered Ford Transit Connect taxi.

Car aims to equip its fleet more environmentally friendly cars of the Metro Taxi West Haven, Ford Transit Connect taxi with CNG announced that have taken the first step. The Yellow Cab Company of Bloomfield, the filolarındaki soon announced plans to more than 100 the number of natural gas powered Ford Transit Connect taxi.
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07