Businessmen Get Together at the Mediterranean Executive Dinner

Los Angeles – About a year ago, a group of Turkish businessmen who live and work in or around Los Angeles decided to make a habit of getting together regularly.
The first ever meeting took place between Nevin Sanlı, President of the Los Angeles-based business valuations company Sanlı Pastore & Hill and Engin Arık, President and CEO of Luminit. Now called the Mediterranean Executive Dinner, this tradition, which began with only two participants, currently hosts some 12 senior managers and businessmen.
The businessmen and managers who get together once a month in or around Los Angeles aim to add new names to the network and thus grow into an influential group. Nevin Sanlı, one of the leaders of the group, says, “We continued, even if only two people were able to make it,” and adds that they want to attract younger members in order to grow in size and influence.

The May meeting took place at The Grille Restaurant, The Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica; TURKOFAMERICA was also invited. The businessmen mainly discussed the commercial world, their own experiences in different countries and Turkey.

These dining meetings take the form of an ideas exchange. To cite one example, the latest meeting saw an exchange on experiences and potentials related to Vietnam, Korea, Russia and Taiwan. There are currently no female members of the group; yet the group is determined to attract new names.
The venue is selected by a different member each time. The latest one was the choice of Selçuk Çakır, the manager of MSD Capital, who directs Michael Dell’s (of Dell fame) investments.

The Santa Monica meeting of MED also hosted Vatche Artinan, President of Calnetix, Vacit Arat, President and CEO of Microfabrica, Turan Kahraman, President of Askew Industrial Corp., Nevin Sanlı, President of Sanlı Pastore & Hill, Engin Arık, President and CEO of Luminit, Aydın Kocataşkın of Chrome Hearts and Süleyman Tuna of S2NA Structural Design.
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