The Voice of the Turkish Business World in Berlin

Berlin, Germany -  Berlin, where the population of Turkish emigrants living outside of Turkey is most dense, also has the oldest Turkish society for businessmen in Germany. The society, which was founded by 28 Turkish businessmen in April 1996 under the name of  the Berlin Brandenburg Society of Turkish-German  Businessmen, today has 380 members. It is the voice of approximately 9000 Turkish business establishments in and around Berlin. The number of German members constitutes about 10% of the whole.
In 2006, the number of Turkish business establishments in Berlin, small and large, were around 6800. According to data gathered by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce (IHK), the annual revenues of these establishments amounted to a total of 3.5 billion and they provided employment for over 29,000 people.
Berlin Brandenburg Society of Turkish-German Businessmen board members are together.

Remzi Kaplan, a businessman who is the founder and the present chairman of the society, states that they serve as a bridge between the two communities of the business world. He says that the responsibilities of the society are to support Turkish employers, to present views on economic, poltical, social and cultural topics and to provide effective services.

Kaplan comments that they collaborate on projects with competent bodies of  the Assembly, Senate, Municipality, Chamber of Industry and Trade, Educational Institutions and other establishments in Berlin-Brandenburg on topics of concern for their members and the Turkish community.

Kaplan, who was elected chairman at the meeting of the general assembly two years ago, collected 147 votes with his team while Nihat Sorgeç, the other candidate, received 82 votes. Kaplan states that since this was the choice of his friends, he will serve in the administration for another two years, during which time he intends to keep his promises.

Bahattin Kaya – Kaya Reisen GmbH
Remzi Kaplan - Kaplan Dönerproduktion
Diyap Sakallı – Concept Verlag
M. Cevdet Öznacar – WIBU Steueeberatung GmbH
Hüsnü Özkanlı – Deutscher Ring
Suat Bakır – Oyak Anker Bank
Ahmet Ersöz – General Secretary
Emre Kiraz – EKCON Management Consultants GmbH
Adnan Öz – San Marco Ristorante Pizzeria
Nihat Sorgeç – BWK Bildungswerk in Kreuzberg
Mehmet Ali Dönmez – Rosenthaler Gastronomie GmbH
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