If Doner were to be a Profession!

Koln, Germany - Döner, which rapidly spread through European countries with Germany in the lead, has surpassed all fast food products and has become a giant sector with its producers, sales points, restaurants and consumers. In Germany there are overall nearly 300 döner makers. Around 30,000 döner stalls and restaurants employ 150,000 employees.
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In Germany döner is known to be consumed by more Germans than Turks. The anticipated turnover proceeds of döner is approximately 4 billion Euro. The ever-increasing consumption of  döner,  which is now also popular in countries outside Europe, brings with it certain sectoral problems that need to be surmounted. The generalization of each döner scandal in Germany and the effects on the sector, in general, of the unfavorable image created by the dishonest intent of some dealers can only be overcome by sectoral awareness.

The döner makers, acting with this in mind, for the first time decided to come together under the umbrella of an organization in December 2006 in an effort to be accepted as a professional body in Germany.

Presently, 61 döner makers are members of the Döner Society Enterprise Group. İsmail Birol was appointed the General Secretary of the Society in order for the business to be conducted in a professional manner.

In Germany each sector which has professional status acquires self control, sets its own quality standards and employs people trained in schools in those professions. As an example, while ice cream making is accepted as a profession, the döner sector in Germany is not yet considered to be a professional sector in spite of its large size, turnover and number of workers.

The döner makers united within the Chamber of Döner Entrepreneurs are lobbying to be accepted as a profession. The döner makers, led by Yunus Altınsoy, owner of Köln-based Avrasya Döner, are trying their best to establish an organization that would help prevent unfair competition and sham production, and would help to overcome deficiencies in the number of representatives and staff.  
Christian Mobius, Jurgen Hollstein and Franz-Josef Knieps, CDU members of the parliament from the province of NRV, invited the authorized personnel of the European Doner Society to the State Parliament and spoke with Yunus Altinsoy and Ismail Birol,

It will take a long time for the organization to get the approval of the German authorities and gain legal status. In this long process, in order for the organization to be granted autonomy,  it will be necessary that the trade associations, labor, and professional organizations accept the need for it to become a professional field, that the members of the parliament adopt this idea in principle, that the concerned ministries carry out the necessary work and introduce required legislations, and that the omnibus act and implementation clauses and regulations be prepared by the Federal and State Assemblies. Even though the process seems to require a very long time, Altınsoy says that so far there has been no adverse remarks from people who are familiar with the topic and they seem to be getting a lot of support from people.

Altınsoy states that when they are granted autonomy, they will be able to employ 1000 workers in the döner sector. That is, 1000 workers who will work in the duration between production of döner and its presentation to customers will be able to start getting training immediately. Altınsoy says, “We took the the path of considering döner to be a profession.  We have covered a significant distance in two years and are still continuing to do so. Döner production shall definitely be accepted as a profession if we attend to it strongly.”

Another point of concern for döner makers is that of unfair competition. Some makers employ savage efforts, violating rules of competition in the commercial sense and thus unnecessarily negatively affecting the sector as a whole.

The Döner Chamber hopes to overcome scientific and ethical inadequacies and wishes to develop a competitive mentality not from viewpoint of costs, but in terms of quality, creativity and vision. Even if few in numbers, the sham production by some makers is another matter of concern for the  Döner Chamber.

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