"Lean Startup, To Lean Company, To Rich Exit" by Dr. Kenan Sahin is released with Forbes Books

NEW YORK, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Lean Startup, To Lean Company, To Rich Exit: How To Apply Kenan Systems' $1,000 In, $1.5 Billion Out Principles To Today's Startups by Kenan E. Sahin, PhD is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available today on Amazon. Lean Startup, To Lean Company, To Rich Exit tells the story of Dr. Kenan Sahin's extraordinary entrepreneurial journey.

Beginning in 1982, a young Dr. Sahin, then a professor at MIT, wanted to test the validity of his academic theories. So, he took $1,000 out of his savings and started a company—Kenan Systems—based on those ideas. Seventeen years later, he would make a $1.54 billion exit.

During those intervening years, Dr. Sahin's theories would become axiomatic principles for building a lean start-up into a lean company and making a rich exit. His book details game-changing principles like:

Suffusing the organization with a "teach and learn, learn and teach" mindset
Recruiting and retaining the nation's finest talent by hiring based on aptitude, attitude, willingness, and experience (in order of importance)
Finding a way to reject outside funding and retain full ownership
Bridging disconnects between sales and production, end-users and IT, management and R&D
Rejecting the "Big IP Lie" and writing "peace contracts" to drive rich-exit potential
"Kenan Sahin is a legend," attested Bill Aulet, MIT Sloan Managing Director and author of Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup. "I remember hearing about the Kenan System's exit and being shocked. It was and still is today the gold standard. In this well-written book, he humbly and honestly pulls back the curtain, exposing vulnerabilities to reveal how it happens. It was not an accident, and there are valuable lessons to be learned. A must-read for all aspiring entrepreneurs."

About Dr. Kenan Sahin
Dr. Kenan Sahin is the founder and president of TIAX and CAMX Power co-located in Lexington, MA, and actively directs both. He is an academic, scientist, inventor, technologist, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he then served on the faculty at the MIT Sloan School of Management, UMass Amherst, and Harvard.

He founded Kenan Systems with $1,000, growing it into an international company with 750 employees before selling as the sole shareholder to Lucent/Bell Labs. He then ran Lucent's Communications Software Group and served as vice president of Bell Labs.

Kenan's numerous commendations include the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award, the International Institute of Boston Golden Door Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate, and the Ernst & Young New England Entrepreneur of the Year.

He lives in Lincoln, MA, works in Lexington, MA, and vacations in Kennebunkport, ME, as well as Bodrum, Turkey.

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