Airport Chief Urges London Business School Students to 'Think Global, Act Global'

Image Students at London Business School's Dubai campus were last week treated to a one-off talk by Sani Sener, CEO of TAV Group, a Turkish airport holding company. The Turkish businessman has headed up TAV Group since its inception ten years ago. In this time, Sener has led the successful acquisition and growth of operating rights for its ten airports in international markets.

His lecture, which was received with great interest by London Business School's students, explored the main tenet of his success, to 'Think Global, Act Global' and how to use a motivated team to fulfil an ambitious business strategy.

"Mr.Sani's speech demonstrated how to be a hands-on leader while never losing sight of the big picture," said Zeynap Saka, a current Executive MBA student who attended the event.

"His level of knowledge and his motivation for success has reinforced the point that everything we learn at the School is applicable in real business life. While our studies might be academic, they provide the base for our success in the world outside academia," added Saka.

Providing valuable insight into both the aviation industry and his management technique and organisational structures, talks such as this have provide a valuable bridge between theory and practical application for Executive MBA students at the School in Dubai.

The event followed a recent visit from David De Cremer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the School, who imparted cutting-edge insight into developing ethical corporate cultures.Source:
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07