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A Guitar Virtuoso

Ali Çınar – Connecticut
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This month we are in Milford, a town by the ocean. Every month we visit another part of the state of Connecticut, chasing a success story. Our guest in this issue is guitarist Cem Duruoz, who was awarded the Artists International Special Presentation Award at the New York Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. Duruoz is the first Turkish artist to receive this award.
Cem Duruoz met the guitar through his cousin when he was 11 years old. He was trained by the opera artist Safa Gürbüz. When 17, he ranked first in a classical guitar contest in Istanbul and went to Europe with a scholarship. His rise continued with study of music at Stanford University, where he learned computer music.

Cem Duruoz.

Duruoz then received a master’s degree in guitar at the San Francisco Conservatory. Cem’s last stop in education was Nytaki Julliar, the largest music school in the world. He worked with Sharon Isbin, who is a two-time Grammy winner, for three years. He says that working with professionals helped him acquire experience and encourages him to work harder for success.

To date, Duruoz gave concerts in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Greece, Spain and Japan. He usually performs in South America and worked as a guitar teacher in Argentina. He recently gave concerts in Peru, Brazil, Greece and Turkey.

Duruoz is the first musician in the world to record a CD using French Baroque style in solo guitar, which was received well with music critics in Europe. He has two CDs and his work was aired on BBC, Fanfare, Classics Today, Classical Guitar and American Record Guide. His last album, titled Modern Music for Guitar, is selling very well. Duruoz says that he loves Argentinean Tango and is working on playing tango music with classical guitar.


Duruoz, who is fluent in Spanish and French, is a teaching assistant at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut, which is known as a leading institution in world music education. Cem says that Turkey is very advanced in classical guitar with many professional associations about the subject. He also points out that the number of Turkish artists in the US is increasing, and emphasizes that the important thing is to work a lot and do a good job in marketing. Cem says that they organize various art activities in Connecticut and founded the New England Guitar Society. He is currently busy with preparations for his upcoming tango classes.

(Issue 14th, September 2004)
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