Special Issue on Mediterranean Restaurants in New York & New Jersey

TURKOFAMERICA is now covering stories of Turkish / Mediterranean restaurants in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on a special issue. New York City, which has the most restaurants in the world, invents new places every year. There are 24,300 restaurants to meet the needs of people in New York City, which has an area of only 320 square miles. There are over 100 Turkish / Mediterranean restaurants in tri-state area. The history of Turkish restaurants in Manhattan goes back to the years when Turkish immigrants started working at Armenian restaurants. The oldest Turkish restaurant in Manhattan is Topkapı, which was established by Ugur Eğilmez. Bosporus, Butterfly, Genghis Khan’s Bicycle and Deniz Restaurant followed Topkapı. It is possible to make this list longer, but one of the drawbacks of such a list is that these people were not able to continue their business. Disputes between partners or the difficulties of business were the reasons for take-overs or closings.

The issue will be covering of stories of Turkish / Mediterranean restaurants and their owners. In the past, TURKOFAMERICA printed similar issues such as Turkish-Jewish, Turkish-American Doctors, Turkish-American Lawyers, and Turkish-American Realtors. THE FIRST TIME EVER MEDITERRANEAN RESTAURANTS WILL BE COVERED FOR A SPECIAL ISSUE.

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