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Turkish Embassy in US Hosts Jazz Musicians

Image To commemorate Turkey's second ambassador in Washington Münir Ertegün and his sons Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegün, the Turkish Embassy in Washington will host a series of jazz concerts. The first concert took place Tuesday with a performance by the Grammy-nominated Orrin Evans Trio. The event drew great interest
The Orrin Evans Trio performed during the night.

The Orrin Evans Trio performed during the night. Turkey's Embassy in the United States hosted jazz musicians for the first time in 71 years recently. The embassy hosted a concert in its residence to commemorate Münir Ertegün, Turkey's second ambassador in Washington, and his sons Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegün, who opened their doors to black jazz musicians in 1930s and 1940s when racism was so rigid in the country.

Mardin Becoming Popular with Hollywood

Image Mardin has long been a favorite destination for local film and TV series producers and has now started to attract Hollywood producers as well. With its architectural, cultural and social texture and a history dating back some 7,000 years, Mardin has lured many local directors for movies, documentaries, TV series and clips.

After serving as the setting for “Ay Lav Yu,” a Turkish-American production, this historic city is preparing to serve as the setting for more Hollywood productions. American producer Manu Gargi and Turkish producer İlhan Kızılkaya recently paid a visit to Mardin, where they toured historic sites accompanied by Mardin Governor Hasan Duruer.

USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter Declares Doritos, Bud & VW The Big Winners & Godaddy A Loser

ImageFor the first time, two ads tied for the top Super Bowl commercial as selected by consumer panelists rating the ads as they aired in the game for USA TODAY'S 23rd annual exclusive Ad Meter. Both starred dogs acting like, well, people.

Doritos struck marketing gold Sunday night by using its now-familiar formula for creating best-liked Super Bowl spots: let its customers make them. All its ads were consumer-created, and the winner featured a guy who pays big-time for teasing a hungry pug dog with Doritos. It was rated as the co-winner by the Ad Meter panelists.

But never count out a king — at least, not one with a funny bone.

After losing its Midas touch for two years, Anheuser-Busch, the King of Beers and a longtime Ad Meter leader, is back on the throne as co-reigning king of Super Bowl advertising. A Bud Light ad featuring a dog sitter who gets the canines to cater his party tied for the top spot. It aired late in the fourth quarter.

For Anheuser-Busch, which has watched its brands' images and market share erode in recent years, it was a return to glory. A-B used to win Ad Meters the way Vince Lombardi won football games. A-B won 10 consecutive Ad Meters from 1999 through 2008.

U.S. Forward Altidore Joins Turkish Side Bursaspor

ImageU.S. forward Jozy Altidore has joined Turkish side Bursa on a six month loan from Spain's Villarreal. Altidore, 22, is the second striker to join the defending Turkish champions in the transfer window, as Kenny Miller also signed from Scotland's Rangers. The American made just two appearances off the bench for Villarreal in La Liga and his only goals were in the early stages of the Copa del Rey, the country's league cup.

America's Last WWI Veteran Turns 110

ImageFrank Woodruff Buckles, the last surviving soldier to have served on the Western Front during World War One will turn 110 tomorrow and two artists have united to share his legacy with the world. Buckles now becomes the oldest person to become a filmmaker. Frank Woodruff Buckles was born in 1901 and has survived WWI, WWII, is lobbying for a National World War One Memorial in DC, is the oldest person to have ever testified before senate and can now add film producer to his resume.

TCA Releases an Annotated Map of Forced Migration and Mortality in the Ottoman Empire

Image The breakup of the Ottoman Empire set thousands upon thousands of forlorn refugees on the move. Most western chronicles of this era focus only on those of the Christian faith who suffered. TCA is now publishing an annotated map displaying the trails of 5 million Ottoman Muslims who were displaced from the Balkans, Caucasus, and Crimea between 1770-1923. The map also records and provides historical context for the 5 million Ottoman Muslims who died between 1864-1922 in the wars that were fought to dismantle the Ottoman Empire. Prepared by Justin McCarthy, Professor of History at the University of Louisville, the map is a powerful visual tool for both the historian and the casual viewer who seeks better to understand the cataclysm that effected so many millions, Muslim and Christian alike, during the final years of the Ottoman Empire.

The Longest-Running Turkish TV Program in the U.S.

ImageIn the Washington, DC area, a group of Turkish professional volunteers started airing the first “Turkish-American Hour” show in September 2005. Since that time, they have produced over 60 programs. They received the Community Access Magic (CAM) Award in the International Category from Prince George’s County Community TV (PGCTV)  two years in a row, in 2007 and 2008. The leading name of Turkish American TV, Hurriyet Ok, at the same time works at the World Bank. Ok answered TURKOFAMERICA’s questions.   

An American Woman's Letters to Turkey

ImageBridges are so much more than simply connecting point A to point B. They captivate and enthrall us and some even seem to defy the laws of physics, but for author and librarian, Katharine Branning bridges are also conduits of ideas and values. For over 30 years Branning, author of the new book An American Woman’s Letters to Turkey: Yes, I Would Love Another Glass of Tea, has travelled annually to Turkey. Her trips have allowed her to better understand her own Christian spirituality, and values of beauty, art and nature.

TCF Launches 2011 Turkey Program for American Teachers

ImageTurkish Cultural Foundation agreed to fund a new agreement with WACA to continue the program that brings Turkey to American educators around the nation. The 3-part program, which includes a teachers workshop on Turkey, a  TCF-sponsored and    organized Teachers' Study Tour to Turkey and public programming on Turkish culture, called "Portraits of Turkey" now enters its fifth year.

Turkey Allows Mass at Ancient Armenian Church But Sows Anger

Turkish Armenians light candles near the Holy Cross church on Akhtamar Island in Van, eastern Turkey, on Saturday. (Mustafa Ozer, AFP, Getty Images)
By Justin Vela (aol.com) VAN, Turkey (Sept. 17)
-- For the first time in nearly a century, Turkey will allow a Mass at a 10th-century Armenian Orthodox cathedral in eastern Turkey, but the state's failure to restore a cross atop the building has soured the occasion for many Armenians.
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