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The Only Turkish University Ranked Among the Best 500 Universities in the World

By Ali Cinar - Jia Tong University, in Shanghai in China, is accepted as the most effective evaluation authority in the area of higher education.  It provides a ranking of ‘’ the best 500 universities in the world’.” Istanbul University was the only university from Turkey that entered into the ranking of 2010. Istanbul University has made a big push into the foremost 500 universities in the world in 2010. It has risen from the rank of 410th to 404th.

For the first time, Istanbul University has risen to such a high rank in this system, which has been rises such a top rank in this ranking which has been in effect for 7 years. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Söylet, the rector of Turkey’s 558-year-old university, replied to the questions of  TURKOFAMERICA.

Can you tell us about the academic work that is done in  Istanbul University?

Istanbul University has continued scientific and academic research in all departments ceaselessly. Academics who work in different branches and our students have served the  science world by developing national and international projects. We can list some of them here.

• The first cloning experiments were done by Istanbul University in Turkey. In this context, the Turkey’s first cloned sheep and calves were created in Istanbul University Veterinary College.
• Istanbul University, by following the lastest developments in education technologies intimately has afforded an equal opportunity for knowledge to pass into society, while keeping tuition low. Istanbul University has implemented an Open and Remote Education Faculty in order to supply common education-tuition whole life.
• In February 2010, the  First Child University Application and Investigation Head opened its doors with different 52 programs for primary and secondary education students who wonder about the atmosphere of university, feel an interest in scientific topics and dream about being scientists in the future. The Istanbul University Child  University Project continues its work to nurture scientists who havr the potential of bringing the ‘’ Nobel Prize’’ to our country.
• Support provided to the project by our Scientific Investigation Projects Unit(BAP) has risen 22% in 2009 and 16% in 2010.

What must Istanbul University do to enter into the first ten universities of the world and according to you, what are obstacles that you have seen?

We try to give prefence to scientific and academic work for Istanbul University to reach a higher level in the world ranking. We regulate our programs in parallel with European  higher education standards by exalting the whole quality in all our university’s units. We arrange work environment  for our academics and young researchers.  At the same time, we give support to them for taking place in international projects and developing them. We send our students and  academics  abroad with exchange programs and dual-agreements.

Can you mention about the work of the university  abroad?
Istanbul University takes its place among the longest established universities of the world. Jia Tong University relegates the ranking of ‘’the best 500 universities in the world’’ every year. In 2010, Istanbul University was the only university from Turkey to earn this honor. It was placed in the category  of 401-500 in general ranking, and in the category of 69-99 in regional ranking. Istanbul University, by entering these ranks in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and lastly in 2010, has broken ground in a big success by rising from the rank of 496th to 404th.

Istanbul University, a member of the European University Association, became a Coimbra Group member on July 11, 2010.  The European University Network’ Coimbra Group, which determines European education politics and supplies the sharing of intercollegiate experiences, provides the opportunity to increase the quality of education.

Coimbra Group, the umbrella organization of the European Universities, has 39 members. Being included in closer relationships with this group and being in the associated working groups will supply important contributions to Istanbul University in the future.

Can you mention about your efforts to cultivate the true-bred and high quality human power?
Universities can not be abstracted from community and country matters. Science and free ideas cannot stay in the ivory tower. And this condition can be seen in totalitarian regimes. However, universities, which are in some countries that are committed to democratic and being seen to mind and science objective and impartially,  produce the solutions related to the matters of community and country. Whatever these qualities, sizes, constructions and importances of matter have, the only common feature act as a privotal role in their solutions. That is ‘’the true-bred and high quality human power.”This is a human power so that the science is not just for science.  It has a force to provide the service of society consequently and the science of people. We are working for it and are developing projects.

Istanbul  University, the oldest university in Turkey, has a radical history of 500 years.  Istanbul University cultivates many academics from universities in Turkey and brings in well-qualified humans to the public and private sectors.

Istanbul University has 20 faculties such as Open and Remote Educaiton Faculty, Hygiology Faculty and Nursing Faculty, which were set up in 2010, and also 13 academics, 5 sections and a total of 60 Research and Application Heads.  32 are related to the Rectorate and 28 are related to  Faculties.

Istanbul University, which graduates over 10,0000 students every year, continues its scientific and academic work in 8 campuses, including Beyazıt, Avcılar, Çapa,Bakırköy, Cerrahpaşa,Şişli,Bahçeköy and  Kadıköy.

The sections of Istanbul University get fuller every year. In particular, there are intense demands for medicine, engineering, genetic, pedagogies and computer sections. It  has entered the first 500 universities of the world and Istanbul University is the first university that comes to mind when we say ‘’the university’’ in our country, with its advantage of campuses, well-qualified academic and managerial staff and experienced employees.

Istanbul University’s Place and Point in the rank of The Best 500 Universities in the World according to the years.
Year        Rank        Total Point
2003        452        8.48
2005        496        8.05
2007        411        9.55
2008        407        9.96
2009        410        9.77
2010        404        10.40

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