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Great Initiative by US Aid "U.S Global Development Lab"

Ali Cinar-New York - Young Dynamic Leader-41 yrs old- Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Rajiv Shah announced the establishment of the U.S. Global Development Lab yesterday in New York City. Former Secretary Hillary Clinton was a main speaker at the event  along with many high ranking officials and partners.

I believe that that is a great initiative  for United States and excellent example project for the International Community. USAID Administrator said “ The US Global Development Lab will help science and technology based solutions to extreme poverty by 2030. The Lab and its 32 partners will support breakthrough solutions in water ,health,food,security,nutrition, energy,education and climate change. “

Administrator Rajiv also announced the action plan of the New Lab
-    Invent and commercialize new technologies and innovations
-    Build Partnerships to both identify new solutions
-    Inspire and link the brightest young minds in US with the international partners
-    Accelerate USAID’s development impact by supporting initiative and scientific approaches to decision making and design
The Administrator speech was so strong that audience has applauded him many times. What the new Lab will do is very important for the World.It will create a new global market place of innovations and bring them to reach over 200 million. What I liked also is the New Lab will embraceinventors,researchers,enterprenuers,academics and corporate leaders all over the world.
When we look at the human issues and outcomes of the issues, USAID and other major organizations are doing their best to help the human being.As an example, in the last 20 years alone, human ingenuity and entrepreneurship around the world have reduced child mortality %47 and poverty rates 52%.Is it enough?Maybe no but I can tell that USAID and with its new Lab will help to reduce more and more with a great understanding and leadership. USAID  spends 611 million dollars not only research but innovation and applied solutions in science and technology

It is also very important that universities and research centers are involved with this lab and will be  a great opportunity for Young Research leaders and students.

After Administrator speech, Jim Borel from DuPont,Jay Collins from Citibank,Helene Gayle from Care USA,Charlotte Petri Gornitzaka from Swedish Int Development and Paul Maritz from Pivotal had a short round table discussion on how partners will work with new US Lab.

We also had a chance to listen some success stories during the breaks that gave an encouragement to focus and solve the issues. As an example, With global sales last year estimated as high as $200 billion, counterfeit medicine is big business, and it’s growing. More than 700,000 people die every year from counterfeit drugs,This is horrible result and shame on people who is in this ugly business. What partners are did is developed a code system that you can scan the drug ipn through your phone.

Just a side note, US Secretary State Kerry was traveling to North Africa, his message was also read at the event and share his full of support on this initiative

After sharing some success stories, Former State Secretary Hillary Clinton came to the stage. She had a tremendous support to USAID and she was the one who hired Rajiv Shah.

Clinton said “ We are intending to try to change and better lives all over the world.We created a venture capital fund to invest  an ideas that could yield results including new development  delivery systems and financials tools .Solar lighting in Uganda, Mobile Health services in India are examples. New partnership were forged with the national science foundation and national in health to begin connecting American scientist working an development research w counterpart around the world  and new science fellowship allows us bring more researchers engineers physician work w USAID.

 “We wanted more and more companies that had expertise, that had resources, to come to the forefront, to be part of our development work and to be held to standards. We intend to try to change and better lives all over the world. We intend to learn how better to scale successful efforts, we intend foster collaborations nd creativity not only  with the scientist , researchers, corporations, and  also practitioners on the field.” Said by Hillary

She also added “ USAID will put data to work to solve  the problems and give the tools to they need to solve they own problems. We intend to produce results. I am very involve with Clinton Foundation in philanthropic world. I will be active observer and participant makes this excitement initiative. “

I truly believe that Hillary Clinton was the main leader to push the New Lab open and gather the all parties together. US Secretary State John Kerry’s has a full support of this initiative and monitor the action plans closely.

This is a great initiative example who cares the world issues especially poverty,health and energy. It also gave an message to United Nations how they need to be more activeon these issues.

There is an also big opportunities to Turkish Companies and Universities to collaborate with USAID and this new Lab.

More Information: http://www.usaid.gov/GlobalDevLab
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