Support for the Turkish Business World from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

A new window is opening for Turkish exporters and investors through the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC). The Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI), whose headquarters are in New York, has reached an agreement with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to carry out a series of activities, including conferences and meetings, aimed toward bringing together the U.S. and Turkish business worlds, and evaluating and encouraging trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.
Nancy Ploeger, President of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.


Nancy Ploeger, President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, told TURKOFAMERICA about the details of the program and said that they are very happy to enter into a partnership with a country with such a large economy as Turkey. Pointing out that they will be enabling Turkish businessmen to make use of their connections, Ploeger said, “Maybe we won’t have a member in each and every field that Turkish businessmen need to do business in. However, we may have members who have connections with other firms. We will help to set up those connections.”
Ploeger emphasized that the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce has connections with 85 chambers of commerce in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island and that this means great opportunities for companies wishing to invest in New York. Mentioning that companies generally find the opportunity to get together at fairs, investment meeting and road-shows, but that there is no clear information on the continuity of such events, Ploeger said that within the framework of the program initiated with TACCI, they will be able to examine how the process works, which companies set up connections with which, and whether these connections are pursued.

Organic foods, clean energy and construction have been chosen as target sectors by the two countries. The aim is to encourage not only Turkish firms to work in the United States, but also for American firms to invest in Turkey.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s plan has called for an expansion of the biotechnology, media, and fashion industries, among other talent-driven sectors. The city is working to drive knowledge-based businesses to New York in a joint effort with the Empire State Development Corporation, the state’s economic development agency, which operates 12 overseas offices in countries such as China, Israel, Brazil and South Africa.
Ally Gunduz also played an important role in the realization of this program. Gunduz, who started to work as First Global Business Director at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, played an important role in the choice of Turkey as a partner. Before her post at MCC, Gunduz worked as Trade Commissioner at the Swiss Federal Ministry.

Last year, 1 out of every 20 people in New York City found employment through foreign investment in the city. Gunduz stated that their aim was to meet the demands of foreign companies in New York City and enable them to invest more in the city.
DTZ, the London-based international consultants, stated that $58 billion worth of foreign direct investment flowed into New York in 2006.  

Sevil Özışık, Chairman of TACCI, stated that it is a wonderful opportunity that MCC has chosen Turkey as a partner, and that it will set an example for other countries. Özışık said, “Since we had been aiming to work together with MCC in many organizations in the USA, it was important for us that they chose a Turkish business organization. This shows that American firms want to work with Turkey and with Turkish businessmen.”