A Doctor, A Scientist, An Inventor, An Entrepreneur

Trenton, NJ – It is possible to call Vedat Obuz an inventor, a businessman, an entrepreneur, and a sufi in addition to his other titles: a doctor and a scientist. Dr. Obuz came to Minnesota University to pursue graduate studies leading to a Ph.D  with the TUBITAK/NATO scholarship he won (he took first place in 1989) after having worked in the foundation of the first Bone Marrow Transplant Center in Ankara during his senior year in medical school.
Representative Rush Holt, 12th District of New Jersey visited Dr. Obuz office to support the campaign for children.

Along with his Turkish co-worker, scientist Fatih Uckun, Dr. Obuz worked on a lot of important projects published in prestigious medical journals such as Blood, PNAS, and Radiation Oncology.    

When Dr. Obuz first arrived in the U.S., his dream was to add a Children’s Department to the Bone Marrow Transplant Center in Ankara. He finished his Ph.D. at the Oncology and Bone Marrow Department at the University of Minnesota. Having seen the fact that his options would be limited if he returned to Turkey without getting a specialization degree, he decided to go on with his studies with an Internal Medicine & Pediatrics dual program, which would also help him to get to know the U.S. healthcare system better.  Dr. Obuz got his specialization degrees in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia in 1996.

After having gotten his specialization degrees, he started to work in the capital of New Jersey; Trenton, since the immigration laws allow doctors with a three year employment history to obtain a green card. He first worked for the insurance company HIP of NJ in Trenton. After the company went bankrupt in 1999, he established Lotus Clinics.

Dr. Obuz points out the fact that his belief in Sufism led to important changes in his life. He says, “Serving every human positively and humanely no matter who they are helped me be nominated as the number one doctor according to a survey conducted among 90,000 Medicaid patients in 1996. This was the result of my belief in mysticism & the universal call of Rumi.”  
The Medical Home Center is expected to be opened in Trenton in the first week of April.

One of the projects that Dr. Obuz is investing in is called the “Medical Home Concept.” The objective of the project is “to make the patients feel at home.” This project, which will be implemented for the first time in New Jersey, will include 60 doctors. A similar project has been implemented with 80 doctors in Pennsylvania.

Every doctor will have 1/60 share in the project and they will be required to invest $50K. So, the capital for the foundation of the Medical Home Center will be $3M. The Medical Home Center, which will be managed by a professional CEO, will host the latest technology in patient follow-ups and records. It is expected to be opened in Trenton in the first week of April.

Dr. Obuz, besides his investments, presents the applications he uses in his office for use in other doctors’ offices. Dr. Obuz’s software, VVMD ™; Visionary Visual Medical Doctor, transfers every stage of the patient’s visit, from his arrival at the clinic until his departure, to digital media. Every patient visiting the clinic fills out a one-minute survey. The purpose of this survey, which is done on a touch-screen, is to provide the right treatment for the patient. Dr. Obuz holds the patent for the application. The application aims to reach better diagnosis results for the patients by minimizing the human factor. It has thousands of different combinations in its test bank database. The application was built on an open-source platform and can be improved by software developers.   

Dr. Obuz holds patents on two products. Six products are in line to get patented. Respowell, a spacer developed by Dr. Obuz for asthma patients, not only helps the patient use the medicine more efficiently, but also helps with decreasing the waste of medicine. The tool saves 40% of the regular costs. Dr. Obuz said he would be willing to sell his product, without any profit, to any institutions and non-profit organizations who want to help asthma patients in Turkey.
Dr. Obuz is showing Respowell, a spacer developed by Dr. Obuz for asthma patients.

Dr. Obuz is working on a worldwide brand new project, “Bio City” which will be a great gift to Istanbul. This “Bio City Project”, which brings a breath of fresh air to the healthcare system, is supported by international investors. Opro LLC, a company established by Dr. Obuz and his brother Ibrahim Obuz, who lives in Turkey and is a doctor as well, will be in charge of choosing the doctors and training them for the new Bio City Hospita
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