A New Identity for Izmir - Inoviz

ImageThe three major universities in Izmir (Ege University, 9 Eylül University and Izmir Institute of Technology) are acknowledged as the national and international authorities in Biomedical Technologies, subjects including but not limited to Bioengineering, Bio-mechanics, and Materials Sciences. Human resources, physical infrastructure, and research results in this field have more than sufficient capacity to lead the Biomedical Technologies Industry and Production Sector, which is now beginning to develop in Izmir.

For this reason and with these resources, the creation of clusters and excellence centers will assure the leadership of Izmir in this area.
The project consists of three stages that depend on industrial and academic partnership:

Education network.
R&D Region
Science and Technology Park

An international Graduate Program will be activated  in the Biomedical Technologies field with the support of The Scientific and Technology Research Council of Turkey-TUBITAK, the Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association-TASSA, qualified EU universities and three national universities within the scope of INOVERSITY.

This program is going to award post graduate (M. Sc.), doctorate (Ph. D) and post doctorate (Post Doc) degrees in an exchange program model. This education will be carried out with the support of three universities, Turkish academicians who are the members of TASSA and currently living in USA, highly placed officials of TUBITAK, and a supervising coordination committee. Our goal is to train qualified employees and encourage R&D operations to make the region a leader in the biomedical technologies field.

Education activities in INOVERSITY, which is a virtual creation, will be performed with the support of the three universities’ physical and human resources bases and also within the framework of the “memorandum of understanding‘’ that has been signed by the three universities.

In an R&D Center created by Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Co-ESBAS and other local / foreign sector stakeholders, within the scope of INOVACITY, the devices that universities cannot supply because of the financial difficulties will be provided. Both researchers from Izmir and other parts of Turkey as well as American scientists coming from TASSA will be free to use them.
INOVATECH will pave the way for commercializing research results. Izmir and its surrounding area is becoming a more appealing location for Biomedical Technologies. In this concept, the basis for creating national and international new technologies and unique products will be completed.

Ege University Science and Technology Centre-EBILTEM is the coordinator of the EU CIP Program. International cooperation will be coordinated with Enterprise Europe Network. R&D and promotion support for reaching international markets and attracting foreign investment will be developed. The enterprise will be made stronger by the coordination and cooperation of ESBAS and American medical product firms.

With this unique approach, individuals who gain necessary skills will become creative, innovative, solution oriented, positive people with a global vision.
• Izmir is an ideal environment to work at for R&D scientists from both Turkish and foreign countries,
• The great wealth of Izmir’s infrastructure and human resources will be attractive for local and foreign investments,
• A cluster in Biomedical Sector will be initiated.
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