Turkish Gynecologist Invites Mothers to Give Birth in New Jersey

Image Approximately 4.1 million babies are born in the United States every year. With a ratio of 2.1 children per woman, the birth rate is higher in the US than in Europe and Canada. According to the National Census Report of 2000, the number of immigrants’ children who were born in the US is 28.4 million. 
Immigrants, who make up 10% of the whole population, inspire their relatives to give birth in the US.  By spending millions of dollars, eventually they could enjoy the benefits of American citizenship eventually.  The average cost of giving birth in the US is around 7-10 thousand dollars. For families who prefer New York and New Jersey, accommodation and transportation costs, in addition to medical expenses, create a big burden.

Dr. Ulaş Bozdoğan puts his 10 years of experience in gynecology to use in a new office in Hackensack, New Jersey, which is 25 minutes away from Manhattan. He studied Robotic Surgery at Ohio State University and is the first and only Turkish gynecologist who uses robotic surgery in his specialization. He also trains residents who want to specialize in the same area.

Although mothers from Turkey usually prefer New York to give birth in, Bozdoğan thinks living and environmental factors are very critical for pregnant women. “In the midst of traffic, noise, and chaos, a pregnant woman can be stressed out very easily. New Jersey has many advantages in terms of living and medical costs over its very close neighbor, New York”, said Bozdoğan.  He added that Manhattan and Northern New Jersey, separated only by the Hudson River, shared a closeness like that between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

Dr. Bozdoğan stressed there was no big difference between giving birth in a private hospital in Turkey and in the US. Depending on the hospital and location, the average cost of giving birth in the US is around 7-10 thousand dollars, which is not very different from Turkish rates. In addition to hospital costs, accommodation, living expenses and consulting costs should be taken into account and the total cost ends up being at least twenty five thousand dollars.

One of the critical issues for families who come to the US in order to give birth is the validity of their health insurance. Dr. Bozdoğan said that it would depend on the terms and appointments of the relevant insurance and varied from one company to another. He added the hospital he worked for offered a special 20% discount for patients who come from abroad and they worked with health insurance companies located in New York and New Jersey.

He was born in Adana in 1973. He graduated from Istanbul University Medical School in 1997 and completed his residency at Süleymaniye Research Hospital in 2002. He worked at Department of Reproductive Endocrinology of Yale School of Medicine as a post-doctoral fellow. Between 2004-2008, he specialized in obstetrics and gynecology at UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School. Following his training in robotic surgery at Ohio State University, he specialized in robotic minimal invasive surgery and was certified to train resident doctors in robotic surgery. Bozdoğan is the first and only Turkish gynecologist to work in this field. Married to Aslı Bozdoğan, he has two children, Bora and Kaan.
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