The ATAA Informs 2011 Election Results: Mehmet Celebi Will be President in 2013

Image The ATAA Board of Directors empowered a Nominations Committee, chaired by Ms. Lale Iskarpatyoti, a former ATAA VP, and served by President-Elect Ergun Kirlikovali, Past President Nurten Ural, Former President Tunca Iskir, and Former President and Founder Ulku Ulgur.  All candidates were nominated and selected in strict accordance with the ATAA bylaws and procedures.  Those candidates that were nominated expressed their voluntary and explicit agreement that the nomination of each was appropriate and that their candidacy met both the spirit and word of the ATAA charter, bylaws and mission.  The Election Process was overseen by the Teller's Committee, which was approved by the Board of Directors.
The results of this election are certified by the Tellers Committee as accurate, true, and correct.   Specifically, it is certified that all election ballots have been received and secured by this office, that all ballots counted have been verified to be ballots of actual and paid members of the ATAA, that no duplicate ballots have been counted, and that all ballots counted were timely received by our office.   The Ballots were counted by a Teller's Committee on May 10, 2011. There were 169 returned ballots, while 141 were determined to be valid and therefore counted. The results showing the new Directors of the ATAA are as follows below:

OFFICE                           WINNER              VOTE %
President-Elect                Mehmet Celebi     48%
Secretary General           Esra Alemdar        98%
VP Capital Region           Demet Cabbar      97%
VP Midwestern Region    Faruk Cingilli        95%
VP New York Region       Ibrahim Kurtulus   94%
VP Northcentral Region   Ibrahim Onaral     95%
VP Northeastern Region  Mehves Sonmez  56%
VP Southeastern Region Mazlum Kosma     93%
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