Epic Turkish Film Fetih 1453 Beats Recep 0vedik at Box Office

Image The new Turkish historical epic “Fetih 1453” (The Conquest 1453) defeated “Recep İvedik 2” and has become Turkey's all-time most watched film in just 18 days. “Fetih 1453” opened in 850 theaters across Turkey with 500 prints last month, and it managed to sell 1,161,250 tickets in its first weekend, becoming the second-best opening of all time after “Recep İvedik 2,” which sold 1.2 million tickets in the first three days after its release on Feb. 13, 2009.

A CGI-enhanced account of how Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople in 1453, “Fetih 1453” drew mixed reactions from critics and audiences. While generally receiving praise for its technical accomplishments, some critics slammed the film for not being any different than Yeşilçam's old cult classic period films, only enhanced with CGI.

Directed by Faruk Aksoy and starring Devrim Evin as Sultan Mehmet II, “Fetih 1453” is notable for its budget, which at $17 million makes it the most expensive film made in the history of Turkish cinema.

“Fetih 1453” was able to sell 4,651,715 tickets in only 18 days, beating “Revep İvedik 2,” which sold 4,333,144 tickets in 24 weeks. “Recep İvedik” and “Recep İvedik 2,” also directed by Faruk Aksoy, occupied second and the third places.

While “Recep İvedik” sold 4,301,693 tickets in 32 weeks, “Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak” and “G.O.R.A.,” in fourth and fifth places, managed to sell 4,256,567 and 4,001,711 tickets in 26 and 36 weeks, respectively. Today's Zaman
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