Turkish Fashion Magazine

A new magazine has filled a gap in the market in Turkey: Âlâ is a monthly publication aimed at women who wear a veil. After just a few months, it's already selling almost as many copies as the Turkish version of 'Elle.'Since it hit the shelves in June last year, Ala magazine has become a feature of the Turkish high street. The brainchild of two Turkish businessmen, it's a fashion and beauty magazine aimed at women who wear the veil. "We're saying that veiled women can follow fashion. There are more and more products on the market that veiled women can use. We're saying: let's not remain stuck with just one style," says Editor-in-chief, Ala Hülya Aslan.

Like their readers, the staff of the magazine are firm believers that wearing the veil is perfectly compatible with style and femininity.

"People have started to take more of an interest in this section of the public. They've finally understood that we exist. They've begun to make veils which aren't just black or brown, which are more colourful - personally, I'm obviously pleased with the change," says Merve Büyük, Staff member.

The sight of veiled women striking relaxed poses in glossy magazines is a novelty in Turkey. But visible displays of piety have become more common since the conservative, Islamic AK party came to power in 2002.

Some believe it's also part of a more relaxed attitude to money on the part of the faithful.

"At one time, Islam, to distinguish itself from the West, adopted a hostile position towards the whole consumer society; but nowadays, to show their success, this section of the population can only do it through the consumer society," says Nilgün Tutal, Sociologist.

After less than a year on the market, Ala's sales figures are not far behind those of Western staples such as 'Elle' and 'Cosmopolitan'.

And in a country where at least 6 out of 10 women wear the veil, it could become one of the country's essential style guides.

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