Comodo Internet Security Premium 2013 Sports Radical New Interface, Improved Sandboxing

Image Software developer Comodo Group has launched the 2013 range -- version 6.0 -- of its free internet security products. COMODO Internet Security Premium 2013, COMODO AntiVirus 2013 and COMODO Firewall 2013 all debut a brand new, radically revamped and simplified user interface, plus come with the promise of being the lightest, fastest version of COMODO’s security tool yet. The latest build also improves virtualization technology for running applications in their own sandbox, while COMODO Internet Security also ships with a number of new integrated products, including Autorun Analyzer and COMODO Cleaning Essentials.

COMODO Internet Security 2013 debuts a completely redesigned user interface that’s both touchscreen friendly and task-oriented, built from scratch to appeal to novices as well as advanced users, with high-visible signposts to suggested actions like updating and scanning, plus user-friendly buttons for quick access to various parts of the program.

The user interface also comes with a new drag-and-drop area where users can quickly drag files for scanning or programs for sandboxing. There’s a brand new Tasks Manager, customizable taskbar and new desktop widget for quick status updates and easy access to various parts of the program.

The program also features new functionality, from offline virus database update functionality by importing virus databases to file rating scans and a rescue disk tool. COMODO’s diagnostic tool is also capable of repairing itself by downloading missing files from the internet.

In addition to these changes, COMODO Internet Security also comes with integrated functionality from four other products: first, Autorun Analyzer scans the startup routine and rates programs with threat ratings, allowing users to disable and remove startup services and programs.

Virtual Kiosk is the new sandboxing environment that allows programs and browsers to run in their own, isolated virtual environments, protecting the main PC from any changes that might occur. It also features a virtual keyboard for securely entering data without worry of keyloggers. Advanced users can configure the tool to automatically run unknown applications in the sandbox for greater security.

The third tool is COMODO KillSwitch, a tool for quickly identifying, monitoring and killing processes. The tools are rounded off by COMODO Cleaning Essentials, a portable application also available separately offering second-opinion scans on demand.

Despite the radical overhaul, COMODO claims that the 2013 builds are the fastest yet, lighter on system resources than any previous COMODO security release. The initial releases are currently limited to just four languages -- English, Chinese, Turkish and Russian -- but other languages will be rolled out as they’re made available.

Existing COMODO users will be invited to upgrade to the 2013 release over the next few weeks, but you can jump to the head of the queue and download the latest versions now from the following links: COMODO Internet Security Premium 2013, COMODO AntiVirus 2013 and COMODO Firewall 2013.

All three COMODO security products are freeware downloads for PCs running Windows XP through to Windows 8. (Nick Peers,
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07