Turkey-Canada Trade Relations

Image TORONTO- Turkish tradesmen explore new destinations and Turkish exportation focuses on North America, says executive director of TCCC. Enes Kula, the Executive Director of Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce (TCCC), has stated that the trade figures between Turkey and Canada have changed in favour of Turkey after a long time. Also being the Toronto investments region representative of Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Kula assessed the trade relations between Turkey and Canada and informed AA. Kula stressed that Turkish tradesmen started to succeed more in trading lately and said, “Traders in Anatolian part of Turkey produce, sell and export now.”

He added that in the past decade, the integration of Turkish tradesmen with the globe was impressive.

He mentioned Turkish Airlines’ politics on extending its destinations which cleared the path for Turkish businessmen, so investors and businessmen could go abroad and carry on with their trade in different countries.

Kula stated that 60 percent of Turkish exports were focused on European markets however since the economic recession, Turkey changed its route and started to focus its exportation to North Africa and North America.

He said that when the free trade agreement was signed between Turkey and Canada after negotiations, the trade relations between two countries would be shaped differently.

Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07