Basoglu Cable and Profile Looks For Opportunities in the US Market

Image Basoglu Cable and Profile looks for opportunities in the US market. Atahan Cilasin, assistant of international sales manager of Basoglu Cable,  paid a visit major US cable companies to introduce Basoglu's products to U.S. market. Cilasin visited Turkish cable companies Sark Wire in Albany  and CN Wire in Connecticutt, Wesco in Pittsburg, (PA), Anixter, which has the biggest market share of US market with 29 percent, in Glenview (IL).

Basoglu Cable and Profile Industry Trade Inc. Company was established by Halil Ibrahim Basoglu in 1987. Basoglu has been manufacturing products, particularly silicone wires, profiles and gaskets, primarily for the white goods industry, lighting industry, automotive and rail transport industry, ship building industry, construction industry, machine industry and energy industry since it was founded.

With its headquarters located in Istanbul, Turkey, the company carries out manufacturing in its complex, represented by a total of four plants, three of which are located in Turkey and one in Poland, built on a total space of 26,000 m2. Of this, 15,000 m2 consists of indoor areas.  With the vision of producing assets at the utmost level for our customers, stakeholders, employees and society, and turning out to be the leader in the domestic and international marketplace, Basoglu Kablo looks for better and bigger opportunities to improve its international market percentage.

Some of Basoglu products include Silicone, PVC and HFFR Wires, Wiring Harnesses, Profile Gaskets and Sealing Harnesses, Printed Gaskets, Glass-Fiber Braided Silicone Impregnated Wires and Tubes, Defrost Heaters, Signal Bulbs and Aluminum Gas Distribution Pipes. We offer specially formulated silicone pastes and components developed from a vast background of know-how and experience.

With its production system substantiated by the TSE-ISO-9001:2008, ABS, QE Quality certificates, the company keeps up the pace of its R&D processes and investments.  In this respect, the company is the unique silicone and PVC wire manufacturer of Turkey, certified by USA's UL. Moreover, the company has initiated the construction of "Photo Voltaic" wires, typically employed in solar energy systems, under the SOLARA™ brand, and obtained the TUV certificate for its products. The company is the first and only manufacturer capable of genuinely constructing in our country the FE 180/E 90 rated silicone fire safety wires based upon our in-depth corporate know-how and experience.

Setting its philosophy as being innovative an pioneer in its sector, the company has turned out to be a prominent subsidiary industry and supplier in a short span of time, capable of meeting the demands of the white goods industry through its high-quality, punctual, fast and flexible manufacturing skills. Bosch, Siemens, Fagor, Klaus Faber, Bohm Kabel, Meinhart, Teka, Whirlpool, Indesit, Bertazzoni, Bsh, Arçelik, Vestel and many other global giants are within the reference portfolio of the company. “We are committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society - delivering what we call Performance with Purpose” says Mr. Basoglu.

Mr. Halil Ibrahim Basoglu defines his company’s mission to be a that of “Serving in the industry as a prominent company that offers combined solutions suiting customer requirements, yielding major competitive edges; offers services that guide customers through its corporate skills and capabilities; creates and directs business opportunities; sets its principles to be a value-driven enterprise with emphasis on profitability; consistently keeps up with and dynamically applies to products major industrial trends; believes in the significance of direct and open communication, personal skills and the essence of authorization, and accordingly designs its operating aura; in no way sacrifices business ethics, straightforwardness and quality across key corporate assets; and respects applicable laws and regulations.

“Today's global market demands global action, yet, according to the growing supply and demand chain the ones that stayed solid in the market space are the ones that are trying to make innovative, better and safer products,” says Mr. Basoglu and adds for people who works in construction industry, “You should use cables which will not cause fire, not the fire-resistant ones."
Tolga Kaan Isik, General Manager of Sark Wire with Atahan Cilasin of Basoglu Cable.

As you know on 07/17/2012, the fire in the Polat Tower Residence. which is a 42-story building in Şişli, Istanbul, led to damage to vehiclesand the surrounding area. During the fire which was taken under control at the end of a half-hour period, there was no loss of life. It is said that the fire was caused by the air-conditioning and the cables; although it has not been confirmed with an official statement as yet. 30% of fires are electrical fires and are caused by electrical household appliances. (London Fire Brigade fire causes in 2010 statistics).

Nowadays, with the development of information systems, with the rapid increase in the number of intelligent homes and building systems and the increase in the number of devices, data and power cables are employed more and more in everyday use. These cables that surround every part of the building, like a network, form a suitable structure for the fire to spread. In many major fires that occurred in the past, it has been that cables which had an important role in the expansion of the fire. Let’s remember some of the fires in which cables caused the expansion of the fire: Rockefeller Center, USA, (January 1996), Dusseldorf Airport, Germany (April 1996), GarLyn Building, Hong Kong, (November 1996), President Tower Bangkok, Thailand (February 1997), Credit Lyonnais Bank, France, (May 1997), Heathrow Airport, England, (December 1997), Montblanc Tunnel, France / Switzerland, (March 1999).
Fire-resistant cables are used in order to transmit energy and signals in the event of fire for a certain period of time. These cables maintain the integrity of the circuit, and communication for 180 minutes under fire conditions. Fire resistant cables are made of inorganic materials that do not emit smoke and toxic gases. These materials are silicone-based rubber, thermoplastic HFFR-based materials. Silicone is a synthetic rubber and it is obtained from silicon elements after a series of reactions. As there is no carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine or other halogens in its polymer composition, even when it is destroyed due to the effect of an open flame, it does not release toxic gases and smoke. Therefore, it is a completely halogen-free material. It does not pollute nature and the environment. It comes from the soil goes to the soil.

Since it has a structure different from other elastomers, especially in the areas where ordinary silicone elastomers fail to satisfy the needs of advanced technology, silicon insulation material is preferred. It is the dripping feature during burning that makes the silicone material (in exterior coating of buildings and cables) very important in the prevention of fire. This feature is extremely important for the safety of life and property and it does not exist in other insulating materials which drip with a ball-shaped flame.
We sell our products to many European countries and we are the most prestigious company in producing cables in our country. When we produce our goods, we pay attention to honesty and fairness to build them with the highest degree of quality.  We recognize our responsibility to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and products. We must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today. The last thing to tell you is that we should use blue green cables (representing nature), which will not cause fire, not the fire-resistant ones.
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