ATAA Selects Its President for 2015-2017

Image 2015-2017 election cycle at ATAA has been successfully completed.  Lale Iskarpatyoti, Chairperson of the Nominations Committee, announced on the 2013 election results.  Ergun Kırlıkovalı, President of ATAA, thanked all candidates for partaking in democratic process and congratulated the new slate of fellow volunteers. ''I have full confidence in the leadership of the new ATAA presidents Mehmet Celebi (2013-2015) and Prof. Mehmet Toy (2015-2017) and wish the entire ATAA family much success.'' Kırlıkoavalı said.  

Mehmet Toy graduated from Malatya Lisesi and received B.S and M.S in Electronics and Communications from Istanbul Technical University and Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA, with a scholarship from the Education Ministry of Turkish Republic (MEB).

He is currently President of MT Networks, LLC in NJ, USA. Prior to his current position, Dr. Toy held executive, management and technical positions in ADVA Optical Networking, Intergenix Inc., Intel Corp., Verizon Wireless, Axiowave Networks, Fujitsu Network Communications, AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies.

He served as an Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina and Dokuz Eylul University, and taught at various universities including Worcester Polytechnic Institute and New Jersey Institute of Technology as an Adjunct Professor.

Dr. Toy received various awards for his work at Bell Labs and IEEE. He is mostly known for his work in Asynchronous Transfer Mode and Carrier Ethernet areas.

Dr. Toy has numerous publications in data networking and in signal processing areas. He is the author of the IEEE video tutorial “ATM Switching System Management via Open Interfaces” and of the edited books “Optical Networking I”, “Optical Networking II”, and “ATM Development and Applications” that were published by IEEE.

He is a Sr. Member of IEEE and Member of BOT of Assembly of Turkish American Association (ATAA), served in IEEE Network Magazine

Editorial Board and Guest Editorial in IEEE Communications Magazine, and chaired committees of IEEE Communications Society and IEEE USA.

BOD Election Results:
President-Elect: Mehmet Toy
Secretary: Emsu Gorpe
VP Capital Region: Gizem Salcigil White
VP Metropolitan New York Region: Ceren Olga Sayan
VP Midwest Region: Erol Yorulmazoglu
VP North Central Region: Cigdem Oktem
VP Northeast Region: Sefer Ozdemir
VP Southeast Region: Mazlum Kosma

BOT Election Results:
Esma Akin
Oya Bain
Kenan Caglar
Rebii Dagoglu
Kursad Dogru
Gunay Evinch
Tunca Iskir
Bonnie J. Kaslan
Davut Okutcu
Nurettin Sabuncu
Ulku Ulgur

2013 ATAA nominations and election process was handled in compliance with ATAA Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Manual, as summarized below:

1. The ATAA NC was selected by the Board of Directors on September 19, 2012 to identify and nominate qualified candidates for the 2013 ATAA Elections.

2. Pursuant to the ATAA Bylaws Article V-Section 3, the NC sought input from ATAA Component Associations and members regarding potential candidates (NC Letter dated October 29, 2012).

3. The NC then considered each nominee carefully to ascertain whether they had the necessary experience and qualifications as well as the demonstrated productive potential in local and national leadership in line with ATAA's mission. As a result of a series of deliberations, an election slate of qualified candidates was identified by NC for the open BOD and BOT positions.

4. The ballots were mailed to all members on January 15, 2013, with a response due date of February 15, 2013. Individuals who paid their membership dues during the period January 1, 2012 and January 15, 2013 were considered to have a current membership and were invited to vote in the election.

5. The Ballots were counted by the Teller's Committee on March 4, 2013. There were 130 election envelopes received by the due date and determined to be valid.  The ballots contained in those envelopes were therefore counted.

6. In addition, 12 envelopes were not opened or counted. Of these, 10 were disqualified for lack of sender information, and 2 were disqualified for receipt after the due date of February 15.

7. The results of the election were certified by the Tellers Committee as accurate, true, and correct. Specifically, it was certified that all election ballots were received and secured properly, that all ballots counted were received from actual and paid members of the ATAA, that no duplicate ballots were counted, and that all ballots counted were timely received.

8. The term of the newly elected BOD and BOT members will start after the Delegates meeting on April 28, 2013.

I will take this opportunity to thank once again all members of the Nominating and Teller's Committees, as well as Hakan Dakin at the ATAA Office for their hard work and tremendous professionalism. On behalf of the Committee members, I would also like to wish the best to the newly elected officials of ATAA.
Members of the Nominations Committee
Gunay Evinch
Lale Iskarpatyoti
Tunca Iskir
Esra Ugurlu
Ulku Ulgur
Members of the Tellers Committee
Demet Cabbar
Hakan Dakin
Birgul Meta

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