As Young Turks Approach One Billion Views, Win A Chance To Meet Them

Image By Sam Gutelle - The Young Turks‘ YouTube channel is over 985+ million views, meaning it will soon become one of the first 75 YouTube channels to reach a billion hits. When it achieves this milestone, it will be the first political channel in the billionaires club, so Cenk Uygur and his pals are celebrating in style. The Young Turks will host a party in LA to commemorate their mad YouTube skills, and by following a “scavenger hunt” on their YouTube channel, you can be there too.

The contest is simple: each day, The Young Turks‘ channel will host at least eight clips, one of which will have a link in the description where fans can enter the contest. By finding each day’s link, fans can accomplish two things: maximizing their odds of ending up at the party in LA, and bringing the channel closer to its ten-digit milestone. One winner will be flown out to the party, which will take place May 9th at YouTube Space LA.

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the channel and be one of ten runners up, all of whom will receive plenty of TYT swag as a consolation prize. Cenk Uygur has been giving his unfiltered opinions on YouTube since the site was in its infancy, and now, almost 15,000 videos later, he and his team are about to reap the rewards. You could do a lot worse than playing along and helping them reach their goal. After all, what was the last time you did a scavenger hunt? It will be fun and nostalgic and you’ll most likely become better informed about the world around you along the way. (
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07